Monday, April 30, 2007

Larson House 1: Round One

First up on our playlist is the small but lovable Larson family. Olivia was blindsided by her ex-husband when he suddenly announced to her that he had a new love in his life and kicked her out of their four-bedroom home. Olivia won custody of her two kids, teenage Jacob and little Grace, but the court failed to award her any of the financial assets. Finding herself with two kids, no job and almost no money, Olivia was forced to move to a "cozy" apartment in Tranquility Acres.

Well, you guys seem happy enough.

Olivia: What...what was that? Who are you?

Oh, don't worry. I'm just the mysterious voice.

Jacob: The what?

I kind of come with the package. 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, and 1 disembodied narrator.

Olivia: That wasn't in the brochure...

It's a surprise!

Grace: I love surprises!

How do you like your new home, Grace?

Grace: I don't like sharing a room with Jacob.

It seems like you two get along pretty well.

Grace: Yeah, but I still don't want to live with him!

Olivia, you have two children and you're spending your time spying on people?

Olivia: My new job needs logic points!

Yes, but your children need food...

Whatcha doin' there, Grace?

Grace: I'm painting! I'm gonna sell the paintings so we can have enough money for a better house...

How sweet...

But I think you're going to need some more practice, Grace.

Good luck at your new school, kids!

Olivia: Hey, what about me?

Oh, sorry. Good luck at your new job. Olivia!

Grace: Aww, man!

Don't worry, I'm sure it will get better.

Aren't you a little old to be needing homework help, Jacob?

Olivia: I never had time to do this; I was busy taking care of Grace.

Oh, I see.

Wow, you're becoming quite the supermom, Olivia.

Olivia: Thanks...can I go to bed now?

Oh, good. Jacob has learned to make breakfast.

Jacob: Mom and Grace are both sick.


Olivia: *Cough, cough*

Oh, yeah. I guess you are.

Olivia: It's just a cold. But I think I gave it to Grace.

Well at least her painting is getting better.

Grace: My last one made $11!


Well would you look at that. Jacob finally brought home a female friend.

Jacob: Shhh...don't embarass me, mysterious voice!


Awww, Jacob's got himself a girlfriend!!!

Jacob: Mysterious voice!!!

Tell you what, tomorrow you can invite her back for a real date. Right now you need to get food ready for Grace.

Grace: Mysterious voice, look! I got an A+

Great job, Grace! See, all that homework did pay off!

Ok, today is Saturday so you two have the whole day to yourselves.

Jacob: Where should we go on our...

Um, let me interrupt you here. You can't leave your house-Grace is still here.

Jacob: So I have to babysit on my date?

Multi-tasking is an important skill, Jacob.

Jacob, giving your date a noogie isn't a good idea...

Jacob: Why not?

Meadow: Because it hurts!

Well, you must have done something right...

Jacob: Hey, Meadow, I was wondering...I have to leave for college soon and...well, would you like to go with me?

Aww, now Jacob officially has a girlfriend! (and hopefully a wife if things go well at college...)

Jacob: What?

Nothing, continue building your relationship.

Whoa, cool it guys. Grace is right inside.

Who are you calling?

Jacob: College. Now that I've got Meadow coming with me I need to see what scholarships I can get.

I don't think you can get very much...

Jacob: I got $1,000 for my A+ report card. It's better than nothing I guess. Say, when do I leave anyway? You seem to know everything.

You'll leave after this week. But before you do...

Happy birthday to Grace!!! What are you wishing for?

Grace: My own room.

Well, with Jacob leaving for college you might just get it.

Here we go...

Very retro, Grace.

Olivia: I promise that once I get some more money we'll go buy her new clothes.

Good idea, unless you plan on returning to the year 1955. Hey Grace, now that you're a teenager it's time to pick your asperation!

Grace: I want to make more friends!

And popularity it is! Now everyone go to bed before you pass out on the floor.

Alright everyone, it appears that your first week in Tranquility Acres is drawing to a close, and...wait a minute, what is that? Why am I hearing scary music?

Oh, you have got to be kidding me....

These people have so few things the robber is actually stealing their couch.

Olivia: ....What's going on?


Olivia: I can't believe this stuff keeps happening to me! Now we don't even have a couch!

Well, I hate to leave you guys like this but...

Olivia: What? Don't leave us! Our house just got robbed!!

I'm sorry, but my hands are tied. I'll see you guys next round...

Olivia: I hate my life!

1 point per sim: 3 points