Sunday, May 27, 2007

Richardson 2: Round Two

Hello, it's your friendly neighborhood mysterios voice bringing you another update from Tranquility Acres. This week we'll be visiting a couple more of recent college grads, William Richardson and Alyssa Greene.

Well, I can see that things are going pretty well for you guys...aww, look. Your pants even match.

Alyssa: Oh, hi Mysterious Voice!

It's so good to start a week without having to introduce myself.

Alyssa: Yes, of course I'll marry you!

Yay! We're gonna have a wedding!

Willliam, Alyssa, the Welcome Wagon is here!

William: Too bad we can't greet them. There's too much to do-no time to socialize now!

It's also so nice to start a week and not constantly worry about having a fire.

Alyssa: I'm becoming a pretty good cook.

And a good public speaker, I see.

Alyssa: I'm in politics-I have to be.

I thought your lifetime want was to be a sports all-star?

Alyssa: It is, and I might still do that someday. But right now we need money.

Oh, boy, it's wedding time!!!

Congratulations, guys!

Aww, Alyssa's dad came over for the party.

And her brother! Hey, Josh!

Joshua: Hi, mysterious voice!

Now this is a wedding party-sitting around watching the news channel. And the bride is sitting on the floor...

Alyssa: Well, there's no more room on the couch...

The limo's here!! Honeymoon time!

Don't worry guys, I'll hold down the fort here until you get back! Have fun!

So I take it the honeymoon was good?

William: Oh, yeah.

Whoa, wait until I leave the room...

So how was your day, Alyssa?

Alyssa: I got a $30,000 bonus.

Well that's nice...

It looks like that money came just in time, huh?

Alyssa: I guess so.

What better way to spend your pregnancy? Hey, Alyssa, I think it's time you got to bed. Wait a minute...what's...

You have got to be kidding me!!

William: What's going on?

I'm not sure how to tell you this, but you're being robbed.

Alyssa: Well, we'll be ok. We have an alarm, right?


Alyssa: What? We don't have an alarm? But we have the money! What kind of omnipotent voice are you?

Hey, being omnipotent just means that I know the alarms exist and that you have the money. I can still be forgetful. Anyway, I don't think you have to worry. This one was kind of dumb-she only took the $350 pillows from behind your bed.

See? Life moves on.

Say Alyssa, have you met Olivia Larson? She's pregnant too and she also survived a robbery...

Would you look at that? It's a pregnant party!

Alyssa: Shut up mysterious voice. You're the one who forgot to buy an alarm

Alyssa: Owww!!

Here we go again...


Alyssa: It's a boy! Meet Adrien.

Well that makes sense, since the last house had a girl.

Alyssa: Something's not right here...

Oh, no. There's no way...

I guess the spell wasn't broken after all.

Alyssa: We've got another boy! Austin!

Another set of twins. Just what we need around here.

Ok, so Austin has light skin, green eyes, and brown hair...

And Adrien has darker skin, green eyes and brown hair. At least I can tell them apart.

And now it's time for the barrage of cute baby pictures.

Alyssa: I'm still so mad about that robbery...

Alyssa, let it go. Focus on your new sons.

All of you guys are such great parents.

Alyssa: Well, remember I had a lot of practice-I cared for Joshua, Carter, and Carson while I lived with my dad.


William: It's super-baby!!!!

Nice game, William.

Um, why am I seeing a dog chewing your couch?

William: Smokey! Bad dog!


William: Our new pet.

William: No barking at the babies, Smokey!

Yeah, great pet there, William.

William: See? Sometimes he does something right.

Yeah. Sometimes.

Well, I'm afraid our time is up.

William: Don't you want to see the boys grow up?

Sorry, my hands are tied. That's going to have to wait until next round. Bye, Richardsons! Good luck with Smokey.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Larson 2: Round 2

Now we're off to a new home in Tranquility Acres. Jacob Larson has just moved onto his own property after completing college...

Jacob, are you ok?

Jacob: I'm still so mad at that lady who robbed my house...

Jacob, let it go already!

Jacob: I want her dead! I want to see her ghost!

And through the magic of technology, you now have a house and your girlfriend is over.

Jacob: Meadow, will you marry me?

Meadow, I think I should tell you he has some anger issues...

Too late. That looks like a yes to me.

Oh, good. The welcome wagon is here.

Jacob: Too bad we can't greet them-we're too busy looking for jobs.

Oh, what jobs did you guys get?

Meadow: I'm a cat burgaler.

Um, Meadow? Has Jacob seen your uniform yet?

Meadow: No, why?

Just a piece of advice-you might want to change careers. Your fiancee has a lot of anger problems regarding burgalers.

Meadow: Fine, but this is the highest paying job I could find!

That's ok, it's worth it to keep Jacob sane.

Good morning!

Jacob: Today's our wedding day!

Really? Don't you two have work?

Jacob: I have the day off and Meadow doesn't work until 3. I called my sister and mother over for a party.

Wow, you grew up well Grace.

Grace: Thanks, mysterious voice.

Oh, that's right! Jacob's mother is pregnant.

Jacob: Why didn't you tell me?

Um...I wanted it to be a surprise.

Jacob: Hi, little baby...

Um, Jacob, it's almost time for the wedding. You might want to get dressed now.

You guys are the first in the nieghborhood to have a real wedding...

Jacob: Can you believe Mom's having another baby?

Yeah, a lot happened after you moved out, Jacob. Did Grace tell you about the twins?

Jacob: What twins?

I'll leave you two alone...

Looks like Grace is excited about the new sibling too.

Grace: I'm even more excited that I don't have to be a live-in nanny to this one.


Bags of chips. Nice wedding food.

Honeymoon time! Run, guys run!

So how was the...uh, sorry. I'll come back later.

What are you doing, Jacob?

Jacob: Meadow brought this thing home from work. I'm practicing lying.

Interesting way to pass time.

Meadow: I don't feel that great...

Oh, boy. Here we go again...

Meadow: I'm home...and promoted!

And I'm glad to see you switched careers.

Meadow: Yeah, Jacob was getting way to close to discovering what I did.

So I guess it wasn't bad grilled cheese, huh?

Meadow: I guess not...

Another career, another reward.

Meadow: I have the time off, I might as well work on my skills.

True story.

And I see Jacob is working on his skills as well...

Jacob: I'm going to be a celebrity chef in no time.

And this thing makes you guys money, too. Always a plus.

Meadow: Jacob...mysterious's time!

Meadow: Owwww

Jacob, get in here!!!


Meadow: It's a girl! Alexis!


Meadow: And what? There's only one of her.

Really? Are you serious? That's great! The spell is broken!

Meadow: What spell?

Never mind.

What a cute nursery.

Meadow: Well you decorated it...

This is true. Let me get a close shot of the baby.

I can see she's got her dad's red hair and her mom's blue eyes...

Say, where's Jacob?

Meadow: I'm not sure...

Hey Jacob, get up there and...what are you doing?

Jacob: Makin' robots!


Jacob: Because I can!


Um, excuse me, nanny? Not to interrupt your chess time, but the baby is upstairs in need of a diaper change, and seeing as how that's what your being paid for...

Meadow: I'm so happy to be home with my little Lexi!

I bet Lexi is happy too, after spending the day with that nanny.

Jacob: That robber...

Seriously, let it go Jacob! It's Alexis's birthday and Meadow is at work. It's all on you...

Happy birthday dear Alexis...

What a cute little redhead!

She looks so much like you, Jacob!

And the training begins!

A quick bedtime story...

Since there's only one of her, I can afford to take more pictures of her.

Jacob: Why are you so excited that there's only one of her?

Go and check out some of your neighbors, Jacob, and you'll understand.

Such a cute smile...hi, Lexi!

Jacob: Ok, I think it's time for bed...

But Lexi isn't that tired...

Jacob: I wasn't talking about her, I was talking about me.

Aww, a cute little big-girl bed for Alexis!

Jacob: That little cradle thing was just too small.

Well, as much as I would like to stick around I must be going- the week is up. I can't wait to get back to these guys and watch Alexis grow up-by herself!