Sunday, September 30, 2007

Richardson 3: Round 4

The end of round 4 is fast approaching! Next up is a couple that I've been waiting to start since they were kids-Alexis Larson and Austin Richardson. Instead of moving into a brand new house, they're going to be moving into the home vacated by the founding Geller family.

How's it going, guys?

Austin: Great, but it's so cold out here!

No wedding for you, huh?

Alexis: We'll be married either way. It doesn't really matter. Plus, both of our families have other kids at home to worry about.

How's the at-home honeymoon?

Austin: Very nice, thank you.

Should I go?

Alexis: I think that would be best.

What's wrong, Lexi?

Alexis: Ugh...I don't think we cooked that fish all the way through...

Happy Holidays from Alexis and Austin!!

Alexis: Why are we standing by a giant fake tree?

Do I have to explain this to everyone? You guys need to start talking to each other.

Alexis: Um...mysterious voice? I think I saw a creepy old man outside. What's going on?

Trust me, there's no creepy old men. Now, go to bed. You're still not feeling well.

Austin: Man, I hope that food poisoning goes away...

I don't think she has food poisoning.

Look who's here!

Austin: What? Who's here?

Alexis: I told you I saw a creepy old man on the roof!

That's not a creepy old man, it's Santa!

Alexis: He broke into our house, and is now eating our food. I'd call that creepy.

See? I told you it wasn't food poisoning.

Alexis: I'm glad the creepy man finds this so funny.

Don't worry about that. Santa laughs at everything.

Well, now that Christmas is over I think it's time you guys experienced another holiday. It's time for New Years!

Austin: Whoo!!!

Do you even know what New Years is?

Austin: No, but we're having a party late at night. It seems cool so far.

Ok, Alexis, check this out. This is a creepy old man.

Austin: What's going on here? Is he dying?

I don't know...let's watch and see.

Well, he doesn't seem to be comfortable...

Alright. The creepy man just turned into a creepy baby.

Alexis: I'm not so sure about these holiday things.

Alexis: Do we have to take care of this baby now? I'm already pregnant...

Don't worry, just let him boogie and he'll go away. I hope.

Aww, the New Year's Eve midnight kiss!

Ok, well obviously you're not Austin...

Alexis: Could you have picked a worse moment to screw up?

What? Your names are really similar.

That's better. Now, boy or girl?

Alexis: We've got a baby girl!

Something isn't right here. We haven't had one baby boy since all of you went to college. Anyway, what's her name?

Alexis: Bethany.

What a way to start the new year, huh?

Austin: Yeah...what is a year, exactly?

(Hits head against wall)

How's Bethany doing?

Alexis: Great.

Put her down for a minute so I can get a close up...

Would you look at that! Bethany's a blonde!

Time sure does fly, huh?

Alexis: Especially when we're not having creepy old men visit us at night.

Um...are you sure she's a girl?

Alexis: Of course we're sure she's a girl!

Could have fooled me...

Austin: See? We changed her hair-she looks fine.

Ok. I got scared for a minute there. Now I've got to be moving on-we're getting closer!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Macguire 4: Round 4

We're moving ever closer to the end of round four! Next up is the somewhat surprising couple of Gregory Macguire and Emma Geller. Gregory surprised everyone in college by accepting Emma's advances and eventually her proposal, despite the fact that all of his previous dates have been with other men. Is his affection for Emma real, or is he only putting on a front for her sake? Only time will tell...

Emma: I just got a great job!

Of course you did. You've been building your skills since you could walk.

Oh, look. Housewarming guests!

Emma: No. They're our family here for the wedding. It's just so cold we couldn't make them wear their formal stuff over here.

Make this fast, guys. You're going to get sick!

The falling snow and the falling petals kind of blend in together, though.

What are you guys doing?

Gregory: No better way to warm up than a good pillow fight!

Going inside would be a good idea, too...

Ok, you two have to be the most inappropriate moms at any wedding ever. Mia, you're wearing white and Grace, you're emitting a green gas.

Mia: You're the one who didn't change my dress!

How does it feel that your oldest girl is married?

Grace: I'm so happy for her. But we've still got our hands full with our other three at home.

I know. We've been seeing Erika everywhere this round.

Well, I guess the honeymoon was a success...

Emma: Stupid hotel eggs...

I really don't think that's what it was...

See? I told you so.

Emma: Why did I get the ugly turquoise pajamas?

Don't worry. You won't have to wear them for very long.


Emma: Owww!

What is it with you guys and giving birth in your bathrooms?


Emma: It's a girl! Meet Amber!

Another girl! This is getting a little strange...

Oh, there you are, Gregory! Where have you been?

Gregory: Um...working.


And she looks just like her mommy did as a baby...

Whoa, guys! Cool it when the baby's in the room, will you?

Emma: This snow is so romantic...

Gregory: Um...yeah, it is.

I can sense it's time for my graceful exit.

Enjoying fatherhood, Gregory?

Gregory: Of course. Amber's amazing. This is totally worth...

Worth what?

Gregory: Nothing, I guess. Emma did all the work, you know.

Happy Birthday Amber!!!

She's adorable, but I think there's going to be some major hair makeovers in this town soon. I can't tell any of these girls apart. I'm already mixing up their names. Now, everybody into bed!

Emma: What? Why?

You'll see...

It's Christmas!!!

Emma: It's what?

Christmas! It's a holiday-didn't you notice the tree?

Santa: Ho Ho Ho!!!

Emma: What was that?

Don't worry, it's just Santa. On Christmas Eve he comes into your house, leaves you presents...

And uses your toilet...

And converses with your husband about traveling. Hmm, I guess Sim Santa is a little different.

Gregory: So you've been everywhere in the world, huh?

Man, that is one busy bathroom!

Emma: Come to Mommy, honey!

Gregory: This guy leaves us a free teddy bear and then clogs our toilet. I fail to see the point of this holiday!

Emma: Merry Christmas, Amber!

Is she excited?

Emma: She learned to walk last night next to Santa and she didn't seem to notice that. I doubt she is.

Emma: Whoo!

Hey, at least you were smart enough to do it outside...

And I can tell by the glowing that Amber's going to be a very smart girl! I just hope everything stays ok for Gregory and Emma. But, that will have to wait until round five!