Saturday, November 24, 2007

Richardson 2: Round 6

Last round, William and Alyssa Richardson adjusted to life after their older set of twins left home. Meanwhile, the younger twins Emily and Elizabeth struggled to find boyfriends. Alyssa finally switched to the athletic career track to achieve her lifetime want, but she fell just short of her goal at the end of the week. She took solace in her ever-growing garden. At the end of the week, the girls went off to college and Emily was chosen to return home with her fiancee as Alyssa and William became elders.

Hey, brought a dog?

Emily: Don't you remember? Stewie gave me Sprinkles before college, so she'd be here when we came back.

Oh, right! I had forgotten about that.

Alyssa: As if the one dog wasn't enough...

Sorry, but Sprinkles needed a home.

Glad to see elderhood hasn't taken away your spark...

I think Smokey wants you to do something about Sprinkles being in his bed.

Alyssa: I'm not getting involved. I have to get ready for work.

Good luck today, Alyssa!

Alyssa: Thanks. I need it.

Taking over garden duty?

William: Yeah. I have to get these vegetables harvested for today.


William: We just felt compelled to have a big family dinner.

Gee, I wonder why. Who's coming?

Well, let's see...There's Austin, Elizabeth, Adrien, plus Alexis, Rachel and Jimmy. Then there's the kids...Austin's got the two girls of course...then Adrien's got his little boy. I think there's some more too.

Wow, that's quite a list.

Well, there's gambling. This should be interesting.

And bored kids having burping contests...

More guests?

Mackenzie: I think this is a great idea. We haven't all been together in...well, ever!

Shouldn't Ethan be hosting this get-together? He is the patriarch of the family.

And of course those guests brought more kids. Mason and Madeline are here now. I hope you guys have enough food.

William: I'm on it!

How did I know you'd have turkey?

Wow, in the chaos of the day I didn't notice Smokey was ready to turn to an elder. Man, time does fly.

I see the pinball machine is a hit.

Um, William?

William: Of course. We haven't had a fire in this house yet and today it decides to happen.

William: Ok, um...everybody out on the lawn! I think it's about time for the main event!

Wasn't the main event supposed to be the dinner?

William: Not anymore.

Oh, and the fire truck makes it so romantic!

And Maura the firewoman decided to stay for the wedding.

Alyssa: Shouldn't you be fighting fires somewhere else?

Audience: Yay!

This has to be the most crowded wedding in Tranquility Acres history!

And right back to the gambling we go. Nice.

Emily: It was so nice having everybody here!

So does that mean I can expect more family gatherings in the near future?

Emily: Um...I don't know about that.

I'm not even going to begin to describe what's wrong here...

Not feeling so hot, Emily?

Emily: Ughhh!

Emily: Well, that explains a lot.

What's up with your hair?

Emily: I guess a trip to the mirror is next...

Um, Stewie? What are you doing?

Stewie: Washing the windows.


Stewie: Um...because they're dirty?

I've never seen you guys wash your windows before.

Nice hair choice, Emily.

Emily: Thanks, but this isn't the time...

Oh, you're in labor!

Emily: Duh!

So, boy or girl?

Emily: We've got a girl!

What's her name?

Emily: Lillian-we'll call her Lil for short.


And that brings William up to the 6 grandkids for his lifetime want! The first one of the household!

Stewie: Hold on, I have to write about this in my diary!

Right now? Ok...

Stewie: Hi, baby girl!

Nice job with the nursery by the way.

Oh, yeah! I forgot about the dogs in all the new baby excitement.

Uh-oh...well, you can't win them all.

Fortunately, you can't lose them all either.

Alyssa: It's about time!

Better late than never...

Wow, this is a good day for you guys.

And now everyone has gotten their lifetime want. Man, you guys are going to be boring. Good thing you have those two dogs and the baby.

Stewie: Hey!

Still not so good with babies, I see...

Alyssa: What's wrong? I just fed you...

Glad to see you two are bonding.

Stewie: Emily said her family was big on gardening...I never expected this much.

Emily: I'll see you after work, honey...

Well, that just about makes up for William's blunder earlier in the week.

Happy birthday dear Lillian...

Very cute, but a makeover is in order.

Much better. And she certainly has her dad's eyes.

Ha ha ha...

Stewie: What?

What? You're wearing a cowboy hat and a space suit.

Stewie: This is a pirate hat.

Oh, excuse me.

Emily: That's're doing it Lil!

Smart little thing, isn't she?

Alyssa: Good night, Lillian...

Glad to see you're better with toddlers than babies.

Now you're both talking to the plants?

Alyssa: Well, look at these! They're so much smaller than the others-they need the encouragement.

Whatever you say, Alyssa.

The grandparents are talking to plants...the father is outside in a space suit and pirate hat...

At least the mother's normal. And this brings us to the end of the week...

Emily: Can you say "bye, mysterious voice"?

Lillian: No!

We'll work on that next week.

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: So this week I learned that having a Sims Thanksgiving is harder than it seems. Especially when the second turkey starts a fire. Lillian is going to be a very doted-on child with all the other members of the household in permanent platinum.