Monday, July 9, 2007

Geller 2: Round Three

Last round, Noah Geller and Grace Larson moved into their new home after completing college. They soon married, and Grace began to chase her lifelong dream of becoming the mayor, quite a common dream around these parts. Both Grace and Noah advanced quickly in their careers, and soon Grace found out she was pregnant. She gave birth to a baby girl named Emma, who grew to a toddler at the end of the week.

Grace: Hi, mysterious voice!!

Hi, Grace. A new hairstyle for Emma, I see?

Grace: Yup. She looked just like all the other little girls in town with the old one.

I guess Emma won't be an only child for long, will she?

Grace: I guess not.

What the...Noah, what is that?

Noah: Don't you like it? It's my new guitar-it's a reward from my new job.

New job?

Noah: I'm a musician now!

Mid-life crisis, anyone?

Happy birthday, dear Emma!

Wow, Emma sure grew up pretty!

Emma: Thanks, mysterious voice!!!

A blue princess in a pink race-car bedroom. Interesting.

Emma: I like it.

I'm sure you do.

Emma: I think I heard the school bus...

Yes, you certainly did.

Have a good first day, Emma! Meanwhile, your parents both have the day off...

And apparently have chosen to spend it fishing.

Noah: I got one!

Shouldn't you be playing with your massivly oversized guitar and speakers?

Looks like Grace is getting in on the action, too.

Grace: Why not? I've got nothing else to do...

Hi, Emma. Back already?

Emma: Yup. School was fun.

Glad you think so.

Oh, look who dropped by...

Emma: Hi, I'm Emma.

Adrien: I'm Adrien. I'm a twin.

Adrien, that's not a very good way to introduce yourself in this town. Half your class at school must be twins. But I must say, you two look quite cute together...

Oh, boy. It's baby time, everyone!!!

Grace: It's a girl!!!

Wow, another girl. What's her name?

Grace: I think we're going to call her Erika.

Very nice.

Grace: Emma, sweetie, meet your new sister.

Emma: Hi, baby!!!

Noah: She's beautiful, honey.

But I think she wants to go back to her mother...

And so the new-baby routine begins all over again. I see you just used Emma's old crib.

Noah: It's still good and we had another girl. Why buy a new one?

Grace: I'm so tired...

I understand that, but please don't drop Erika!!!

See? That's much better.

Um, I don't believe that's what you're being paid to do...

Emma: Yes!!!


Emma: I got an A+!!

Great job!!!

Another birthday...

And look, she's even dressed for the occasion!

And, in a surprising move, you guys decided to start off with walking rather than potty training.

Grace: She was hungry, so I just gave her some smart milk.

Yes, I can see that.

What a little cutie.

And meanwhile, Mom still has plenty of time to max out her logic skill. Is there anything this woman can't do?

Grace: I can't make cheesecake.

And that's a good thing in this town. Keep it that way.

So now you've got two mobile little girls.

Grace: I know, but Emma's bigger now so she can help out.


And a new hairstyle for Erika as well. Very nice.

Ahh, now comes the potty training.

Noah: We couldn't put it off anymore.

And I can see Emma's being real helpful...

Grace: Hey, at least she's not breaking anything.

And somehow you two still have time to fish. It's amazing.

And I see Emma takes after her Mom in the painting department.

Emma: I'm almost done!!

I know, I see that.

Noah: Hey, look what I learned to do.

Very productive, Noah.

Emma: ...and those are the ten reasons I think that Mommy shouldn't make me practice on this thing anymore...


Grace: I told her she could talk about whatever she wanted. At least she's doing it with Charisma.

Man, you sure are a skill-hound, Grace.

Grace: She'll be thankfull for it later on.

Yes, she will. But unfortunately we're going to have to wait to see that, because my week with you guys is over. See you next round. Now it's on to Josh and Bryanna Greene!


Shiloh788 said...

Heyy..thats cool i was just wondering where or how you got the toddler hair styles and clothes on the baby? i would really like it if you helped out thanks