Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Richardson 2: Round Three

Last time we visited the Richardson household, William Richardson and Alyssa Greene moved in together after graduating from college. They married soon after, and began to focus on advancing in their respective careers, law enforcement for William and politics for Alyssa. Alyssa soon discovered she was pregnant, and William made another new addition to the family with Smokey the dog. At the end of the week, Alyssa surprised everyone (well, not really) by giving birth to twin boys, Adrien and Austin.

And I see you're still working on those skills.

Alyssa: I really want to become the mayor.

Well, you're a congresswoman. You're almost there.

Alyssa: Shouldn't congressperson be above mayor?


Alyssa: That workout was great!

William: It really was...

I know that look. I'm outta here!

How are the boys doing, William?

William: They're doing great. Alyssa's just about to take Austin here to the kitchen for his bottle.

Alyssa: What is wrong with him? Why is he screaming?

Alyssa, I went over this with you when your brothers were babies...

Hey, somebody better get Smokey in out of the rain!

Alyssa: There we're a nice quiet baby.

Playing favorites already, Alylssa?

William: Whoa...what's going on? There's water coming out of the sky...

It's rain! Don't you guys talk to your neighbors?

What are we discussing this morning?

William: Babies.

Oh, about how you have two of them?

Alyssa: Not exactly, more like how we're thinking of having another one.

Well, I guess it would be nice if you guys got a little girl.

It's birthday time!!!

Looks like Austin's up first...

Then Adrien...

Wow, Austin's such a cutie!

And I can tell that Adrien is going to be a little heartbreaker.

Alyssa: How could you possibly know...

I'm the mysterious voice, ok? Don't question me. Besides, look at him!

And right to the potty...

Make that potties. And I love how they're both little soccer players.

I guess that third kid is becoming a reality, huh?

Alyssa: I guess so.

You know, maybe it's not the best idea for a little toddler to watch his father shock his way to happiness.

That's much better, though I'm not crazy about either of their pajamas...

William: Gotta keep everyone equal you know...

Good planning. That could save you some major "He's the favorite" fights down the road.

Things are moving along...

Alyssa: It's any day now.

Adrien, no! Guys, your son just drank spoiled milk and threw up on the floor. You might want to give him a bath.

He's really cute when he's not puking.

Austin...that's not for eating.

Alyssa: Should we be concerned about this? One's drinking spoiled milk, the other is eating the xylaphone mallet.

No, all toddlers to it. If they're still doing it after they grow up, then you should be concerned.

William: Ok, ok. One at a time...

Getting kind of hard to keep everyone equal, isn't it?

Alyssa: Adrien, no!

Don't you guys ever feed these boys actual food?

At least Smokey's getting along well with the boys.

Although it looks like he's still not getting along with the couch.

Alyssa: Owww!!!

Alyssa, are you sure you want to give birth right next to a pile of...

Alyssa: I don't care!


Alyssa: We've got a girl! Meet Emily.


Alyssa: Um...mysterious voice?

No, it can't be...not again...

Yup. The twin curse is back.

Alyssa: I guess it must run in my family. Anyway, we've got another girl, Elizabeth.

Well, now you've got two of each.

And thankfully, Elizabeth is much darker than Emily so I can actually tell them apart, unlike other twin girls in this town.

Alyssa: Good night Elizabeth...

Yeah, I don't think I'll have any trouble telling these two apart at all.

Now you have two sons and two daughters.

William: Yup, now our family is complete.

Complete? Does that mean...

William: We're not going to try for any more kids. But I've heard that WooHoo can be very risky at times, so you never know.

Another birthday already?

Alyssa: Yup, I can't believe the boys are growing up so fast.

Let's wish for some better pajamas, shall we?

Well, I guess that wish didn't come true. Sorry.

Adrien: Hey, Smokey...

Glad to see that dog's calmed down some.

Well that is certainly a very appropriate shirt for you...

Austin: We got big kid beds! We got big kid beds!

Yeah, they're beds, not trampolines.

At least you guys seem to get along well.

Alyssa: Hey, it's...what is it called again?

Raining. And go put on some clothes.

What terrible weather for a first day of school. Try to have a good day anyway, boys.

(6 hours later)

Wow, that was fast. And the weather seems to have improved. How did it go?

Austin: Ok. My report card isn't great, but I brought home a friend...

Really? Who?

Oh, hi Alexis! Hmm, I see some possibilities there...

Austin: Possibilities for what?

Never mind.

How was your first day, Adrien?

Adrien: I didn't make any friends yet...

Don't worry, you will.

Another day, another birthday party. You guys must be just living off of cake.

Another adorable toddler...

And there's that hairstyle again.

Back to the potties...

And the walking lessons too.

At least the boys can help out more now.

Austin: Smokey didn't look too good...

Wow, William. You're just a toddler-teaching machine, aren't you?

William: Yup.

Getting some hands-on learning there, are we?

Austin: Mom wants the apples to be ready before winter.

I don't know if that's going to happen...

And Smokey gets along just as well with the girls as he does with the boys.

Well, my week with you guys is just about up. You guys win the prize for this week, though. I don't know very many people who could handle having two sets of twins so close together plus a rather wild dog.

Ok, so he's not so wild anymore. I'll see you guys next round!