Saturday, July 7, 2007

Leonard 2: Round Three

Last round, Morgan Leonard was the only Tranqulity Acres teen to go through college without finding her true love. Luckily, she didn't have to wait very much longer as she soon found romance with a fellow graduate named George, who she soon married. Morgan began to advance in the politics career while George got into buisness. Soon, Morgan discovered she was pregnant and gave birth to a daughter, Audrey.

And it looks like we've arrived just in time for Audrey's first birthday.

Putting your feet through a that's a trick.

George: I know, but it doesn't seem to hurt her.

What a little sweetheart.

Morgan: Good night, big girl!

So...are you and George thinking about having any more kids?

Morgan: I thought you were an omnicient and omnipotant voice. Shouldn't you already know?

....Of course I do. I was just testing you.

George: Come on, foot in front of the other....

...and soon you'll be walking 'cross the floor...

George: Huh? Why are you singing?

Never mind. I guess you guys don't have holiday specials.

George: Last time I checked we didn't even have holidays... there a reason that there are two complete strangers playing with Audrey?

Morgan: Technically they're our friends, but apparently they'd much racher sit and play with Audrey.

Ahh, a little scene stealer.

Am I seeing things? A nanny actually taking a toddler to the potty?

Nanny: See? I can do a good job.

It still doesn't make up for the fact that you've set yourself on fire twice in other houses, plus let countless toddlers fall asleep on the floor.

Happy Birthday Audrey!!!

What a pretty little girl!!

Audrey: Thanks!

George: So Morgan, now that she's a little older...

(the next day)

See? I knew it!

Morgan: Uh-huh. Sure you did.

Hey, look who's back from her first day of school! How did it go?

Audrey: Alright, I guess. It wasn't very much fun.

George: Hi, honey! How was school?

Audrey: It was so boring, Daddy...I just want to play now.

Hold on, there Audrey...

Homework time first!

Audrey: Mom, do I have to...

Morgan: Audrey, listen to the mysterious voice. I'll help you so it won't take so long.

Morgan: Audrey, that is not what that is for!

Audrey: But Mom, I'm so bored after all that homework!

What the...I didn't even know there was anything in the oven.

Morgan: Neither did I...

George: Oops, sorry. I forgot I had a cake in there.

Way to go, George.

What the...ok, what else can possibly go wrong tonight?

Morgan: Mysterious voice...please tell me we have an alarm...


I guess this speaks for itself. Jessica, you are one stupid thief. Before you just took some pillows, now you're just taking a bear.

Morgan: Jessica? You know her by name?

Yeah, we've run into each other quite a few times now.

Audrey: Who are you? Why are you in my house?

Audrey, get back in your room!

Great, now Audrey's traumatized for life...

Audrey: That robber was so scary!!!

I know, but you were very brave.

Morgan: At least we're all ok...

George: And she didn't take anything too valuble.

Audrey: But she wouldn't have taken anything at all if we'd had an alarm...

George: No cheating, Audrey! It's not nice...

Audrey: I didn't do anything...

Hmm, I guess she's not really that sweet after all.

Morgan: Oww! It's time!

And it's a...come on, Morgan, fill in the blanks...

Morgan: It's a girl! We'll call her Rebecca.

Another girl. I think this town is due for a boy-spurt soon.

She looks exactly like Audrey did...

Hey, look, Andrea came back over...and still would rather play with Audrey than talk to Morgan.

Well, that about wraps up the week. You guys get Rebecca settled in, and I'll see you all next round.