Friday, July 20, 2007

Macguire 2: Round Three

Last time, Tyler Macguire and Mia Richardson began their lives together. After their wedding, they first focused on their careers while trying to start a family. After awhile, their careers were in full swing while for some reason Mia just would not get pregnant. The couple decided to adopt a baby, and became the proud parents of Gregory. Of course, their persistance did pay off, and Mia gave birth to their second son, Christopher, at the end of the week.

Mia: Here, you take him for awhile.

Hi, guys!

Mia: Oh, hi mysterious voice! You're just in time!

In time for what?

Mia: Gregory's birthday!

Happy birthday Gregory!!

Gregory: Whoa, check out my hands!

Glad to see you're amused easily, Gregory.

Mia: I'm worried, Tyler. There have been a lot of robberies around town lately...

Relax, guys. This town is perfectly safe.

Tyler: Says the mysterious voice who forgets to buy everyone alarms...

Tyler: I'm sure we'll be just fine, honey...

Ok, I get the message.

What are you holding?

Tyler: Espresso, our new womrat.


Tyler: Yeah, Gregory was begging us for a pet and we just can't afford to get a dog or cat right now.

Gregory: Bye, everyone!

Have a good first day of school!

Gregory: Dad, how much longer are you going to be on the flower bench?

Yeah, Tyler, you've been on that thing all day. You're not even dressed.

Another birthday!!!

He's cute, but...

Tyler: We're working on the pajamas.

I see Gregory gave up on waiting for his dad...

Mia, are you ok?

Mia: I think I just overexerted myself playing tennis.


Mia: Come on, Chris! Come to Mommy!

Mia: I don't feel so good...

Tyler: Are you still so sure it was tennis?

Mia: I guess not.

Here comes baby number three!!

Mia: Man, making flowers is hard work!

But you're getting good.

Mia: Owww!!!

Oh, boy. Here we go...

Mia: We've got another boy!!

Wow, three little boys. I wish you the best of luck.

Mia: Meet Norbert.

Oh, and I see he has his father's red hair.

Say, where's Tyler?

Mia: Out in the yard, he's got some secret project.

Secret project?

Tyler: Oof!

Tyler? Care to explain?

Tyler: Look, Mia spent her entire pregnancy making flowers. Now we've got all these flower vases and nothing to do with them. So, I've started a flower store in our front yard.


I see you closed up shop in time for Christopher's birthday.

And Mia goes right back to the flowers.

Mia: Well, thanks to Tyler we're now a buisness. I've got to have stuff to restock.

At least they boys seem capable of entertaining themselves.

Even if they do it by pretending to kill each other.

I see Christopher has a new hairstyle for the first day of school.

Christopher: Boing! Boing!

Ok, that's enought. Don't use up all your energy.

Wow, I see buisness is really booming. They've got a teenage employee and everything.

Birthday number four for this week.

Yup, he certainly takes after his daddy!

Meanwhile, the older boys whack each other with pillows.

Mia: Boys, stop that! You're getting feathers everywhere...

Tyler: At least Gregory's a great big brother.

And he sure seems to love that womrat.

Tyler, it's almost midnight! What are you doing?

Tyler: Restocking. I can't wait until the boys get older, then they can help me.

Judging by everyone's attire, I'd say winter is on its way!

Yup. Um Tyler, are you sure it's a good idea to operate an outdoor flower stand in the snow?

Tyler: It's just a flurry.

Yeah, but it's a flurry that's burying your youngest son.

But I can see the bigger boys are getting into the spirit...

Good call getting Norbert inside, but please get dressed. It's winter!!

Well, that about wraps up my week with you guys. I'll see you all next round-good luck with the snow covered flower stand!