Sunday, July 29, 2007

Leonard 4: Round 3

We've got just one more existing house to visit! Last round, Destiny Geller and Ben Leonard moved into their new home right across the street from their siblings. Destiny persued her dream of fortune, while Ben yearned to start a large family like the one he came from. The couple adopted a puppy named Rusty, who soon grew into a healthy adult dog. Near the end of the week, Ben's dream started to come true with the birth of Peter, who grew to a toddler before the week was up.

Ben: So how about all this "weather" stuff...

Destiny: I know, it's crazy! All of a sudden stuff started falling from the sky!

Ben: But you know, it kind of puts me in the mood for...

For what? A cup of cocoa?

Hey, the mysterious voice is still here!!

Ben: Rusty, relax! I'm just going to put Peter in his crib!

It's good that the dog is so protective of Peter.

Ok, who knows where this is going...

Oh, look! Logan came home with Destiny from work. It's a twin reunion!

What a little cutie...

Destiny: Come on,'s a very special day!


Oh, it's his birthday!!!

Ben: Come on, Peter...blow out the candles!

What a handsome young man!

And I think his shirt is a prediction of things to come!

As I was saying....

But she's still not too tired to play with Rusty!

Destiny: How could you resist him...

Destiny: Whew! We finally got him housebroken!

That's a good thing-those puddles were very unhealthy for Peter.

Ben: Mysterious voice?

It's called rain, Ben.

Ben: But it's rocks!!

What? Oh, ok. Then it's called hail.

I see Peter's got his very first homework assignment!

Ben: Tomorrow night you're putting your homework on your desk, where it belongs!

What a good son, cleaning the shower without being asked.

Peter: I don't like it when things are dirty.

Destiny: Mysterious voice!!!

Oh, boy! It's time!

Ben: I'm going to the bathroom...

Ben, get back here! Your wife's in labor!

Well I see Ben made it back from the bathroom...

Ben: It's a boy!

Yup, we've hit the boy spurt! What's his name?

Destiny: Stewie.

Hmmm...Stewie Leonard. Nice.

What a cute nursery!

Destiny: Thanks. We were going to put him into the room with Peter, but we'll wait until they're older.

Peter: Hi, Dad!

Ben: Hey, there Peter!

I see we've broken out the outerwear.

And Uncle Logan came over again!

Logan: I had to see my new nephew!

The house sure is quiet with Ben at work and Peter at school.

Destiny: It's actually quite nice.

Oh, Peter's home. Quiet time over!

Peter: Yeah!! All right! I got an A+!!!

Great job!!!

Wow, this is a big day for everyone!

Another little cutie, I see.

Destiny: Come to Mommy, Stewie.

Stewie: I already got potty trained...leave me alone!

I see Destiny didn't let up.

Meanwhile, Peter's hard at work on his skill points. Good job, Peter!

And I see Stewie's bonding with the dog.

Ben: Say Daddy...

Stewie: No!!!!

Well, he seems to have mastered that word.

Ben: Ok, that's enough for today.

Good job knowing when to quit, Ben.

Stewie: Mommy! Mommy!

I see that talking thing finally happened.

Peter, stop that! Go back to skill building.

Well, we're coming to the end of the week, which brings us to the end of the existing houses! But, round 3 isn't quite over yet, because we have four teenagers just itching to go off to Sim State!