Monday, July 23, 2007

Leonard 3: Round 3

When we last visited the third branch of the Leonard family, Julia Geller and Logan Leonard began their lives together after college. Being a pleasure Sim, Julia begrudgingly got into a career other than slacker while Logan, being a popularity Sim, continued to work on his friendships. Julia soon became pregnant, and gave birth to a baby girl named Kristin. At the end of the week, Kristin grew into one of the cutest toddlers in town.

See what I mean?

Logan: Kristin, get the doll out of your mouth!!!

Ok, she's cute but she's not too bright...

Logan: How did you get out of your crib?

You're the one who taught her to walk. You should know.

Wow, time sure goes by fast. It's Kristin's birthday already!!

And she's just as pretty as a kid!

Kristin: Thanks, mysterious voice!

All ready for her first day of school...

Logan: Yup. Just trying to get her fun up as high as possible before she goes.

So how'd you do?

Kristin: Ok, I guess.

Don't worry about that report card. It'll get better.

Kristin: Mom, will you help me with my homework?

Julia: Sure.

Don't you think you should get dressed first? Oh, why do I bother.

And I see Kristin is a little dancer.

Kristin: That homework was really boring!

Is swimming in the middle of the night, in the middle of fall, a good idea?

Logan: What? The pool is heated, and it helps her build body skill.

Um, Logan? There's a woman here holding a baby...

And now she's handing that baby to your wife.

Julia: Meet our new daughter, Jennifer.

Were you guys having problems having a second baby?

Julia: No, we just decided to adopt.

And you didn't think to run this by the mysterious voice?

Julia: .....

What a cute family. And I see the new baby isn't disturbing Kristin's routine at all.

Kristin: Yes!!!


Kristin: Mom, mom! I got an A+!!!

Oh! Great job, Kristin!

And now it's time for another birthday!!

My, doesn't she look...interesting.

Logan: What do you mean by that?

Nothing, nothing.

Kristin seems to be a great big sister.

Julia: She sure is. Sometimes I forget that Jennifer's adopted.

Sure you do.

Logan: Come to Daddy, Jennifer!

Not wasting any time, I see...

And right onto potty training. You guys must be getting tired...

Like I was saying...

Logan: And she's not even the one teaching her sister.

Julia: Maybe Jennifer would look better with a different hairstyle...

Logan: It's worth a try.

Well, that is a little better, I guess.

Kristin: Look, Mom! Over there!

Oh, I see Kristin's got some spunk in her.

Logan: This never ends...

Yes, but unfortunately my week with you has. I'll see you guys next round! Now I've got to go check in with your and Julia's twins.