Thursday, July 12, 2007

Greene 2: Round 3

We've almost reached the midpoint of round three! Last round, Joshua Greene and Bryanna Macguire moved back into Bryanna's first childhood home after completing college. They wasted no time in tearing it down completly and building a completely different house to ease Bryanna's pain over the death of her grandmother Ella, whose grave remained on the lot. They were soon married, and focused on advancing in their chosen careers of food service, until Bryanna discovered she was pregnant and gave birth to a baby girl named Mackenzie.

Hey, guys.

Bryanna: Oh, great. You're back.

What is that supposed to mean?

Bryanna: Nothing...

And I see that Mackenzie is doing well...

Bryanna: She sure is a smart little thing.

Bryanna, would it kill you to put some clothes on?

And you too, Joshua!!

Joshua: Must...make...candy...

Oh, no. Not this again.

On to potty training...and still you're not dressed.

Joshua: Hey, this takes a lot of time.

Too much time for you to put on pants?

Aww, man! I forgot she was here.

Ella's Ghost: Ooga Booga!!

Bryanna: Oh, no...

It's ok. I understand.

Bryanna: Good night, Mackenzie...

How cute.

Again with the fishing! This is becoming the official town pastime here!

Bryanna: I got one!

Bryanna, do you really know what you're doing?

Bryanna: Sure I do.

Ok, if you say so.

Joshua: So, Bry...Mackenzie's asleep...

Oh I can see where this is going. I'll see you later.

Bryanna: Look, I caught some butterflies.

That's great, but can you please put on some clothes?

Oh, boy...I'm getting one of my mysterious-voice visions!

Bryanna: Ughhh!

That certainly looks good...

Bryanna: And you made fun of our fishing.

No I didn't.

Happy birthday Mackenzie!!

She sure is pretty...

Mackenzie: Thanks!

But I think a change of hairstyle is order.

That's better, and I see she's becoming quite a music prodigy.

Joshua: Her skills go up so fast. It must have been all the smart milk she drank.


There's always time for some before school red-hands...

Bryanna: Even when Mom is pregnant and tired and starving.

I guess that first days of school can really drain a kid.

Why must all kids put their homework on the lawn? It must make for some hard study sessions in the dark.

Bryanna: Plus, it's getting close to winter and it's cold out here.

Have a good second day, Mackenzie!

Mackenzie: I just hope my homework came out alright...

Bryanna: Oww!!

It's that magic time again!!!


Bryanna: It's a boy, Alexander!

It's about time we got some boys around this town.

Well, from what I've seen so far he looks just like his father! Speaking of which...

Oh, there's Joshua. What do you think of your new son?

Joshua: He's beautiful.

I think I should get a close-up of the new baby.

There we go...oh, and he has your blue eyes!!

How's the new big sister doing?

Mackenzie: Good.

Glad to see she's not feeling left out...

Man, she's really in a hugging mode lately, isn't she?

Joshua: Well, Bryanna's trying to encourage her to be nicer. We don't want her to hurt her brother when he gets older.

Speaking of which...

Wow. Now he really looks just like his father, but with a different hairstyle.

Well, that's where my week with you guys leaves off. You guys keep playing with Alex. I'll see you next round.