Monday, June 25, 2007

Larson 2: Round 3

Last round, Jacob Larson and his high-school sweetheart Meadow Thayer moved into their new home after graduating college. The two were married soon after moving in. Meadow originally took a job in the Criminal career, but changed to Medicine after realizing that Jacob still harbored some bad feelings after being robbed as a teen. Jacob took a job in Culinary in order to realize his lifelong dream of being a celebrity chef. Jacob also purchased a robot bench and began working on his robot-making skills. Meadow discovered she was pregnant, and towards the end of the week the couple had their first child, Alexis. When we last left the Larsons, Alexis had just grown into a toddler.

Oh, I see we've dropped in at a bad time...I'll come back later.

Um, Meadow, what's that yellow thing behind Alexis?

Meadow: (into phone) Hang on... (to me) It's Jacob's "Tidy-Bot." I don't really see why we need it, but he was so proud that he could make it.

He really needs a new hobby. I think that thing is trying to vaccuum up Lexi.

Meadow: (Into Phone): Goopy, I've got to go. Jacob's stupid robot is spewing trash everywhere...

Like I said, he needs a new hobby. And you have a friend named Goopy?

Meadow: Don't ask.

See, this is a much better use of your time. Although, I am getting really tired of that hair. After she learns to walk I think a makeover is in order.

What are you doing near that?

Meadow: Jacob builds this stupid robot and then expects me to maintain it. "You have a higher mechanical skill than me..." he says...

How cute. So what's on the agenda for today?

Jacob: Well, I've got the day off so I was thinking of raking some leaves.

As long as you don't build any more robots.

And Alexis experiences a fall milestone-playing in the leaves.

Ahh, I see that makeover went well. Let me get a close up...

Nice choice...say, where's Meadow?

Oh, she's out back night.

Meadow: I sure am! Lexi grows up soon and I wanted to make sure she's eating the best food once she off of the bottles.

And I see you kept her hair down for sleeping. Good call.

Ok, even if there is a freaky blue light...Happy Birthday Alexis!

And what a pretty little girl you grew into!

Alexis: Thanks, mysterious voice!

But seriously, get some better lighting. You're washed out in blue and your mother looks like she's got a searchlight on her.

Alexis: Goodnight, daddy...


Good morning, Larsons! What are we talking about?

Alexis: Babies!

Meadow: We've been thinking of having another now that she'll be in school...

Oh, that's right...

Today's Alexis' first day of school! Good luck!

Alexis: Bye, Mommy! Bye, Daddy! Bye, Mysterious Voice!!!

I love that I'm like a third parent to these kids.

Wow, that was fast.

Alexis: Bye, everyone!

So how did it go?

Alexis: Ok, but my report card could be better.

Don't worry about it. Now it's time to start having some fun.

And what better way to have fun then by playing chess and building up your logic skill?

Alexis: Mysterious voice, why are you so obsessed with our skill points?

When you grow up and have to find a job, you'll thank me.

Alexis: Mommy! You're home!

And you know what that means...

It's homework time! I'll leave you two alone.

Well, that's quite a way to wake up, isn't it?

Meadow: Alexis, do you remember the other day when we talked about having another baby?

Alexis: Mommy, I just saw you grow. I know you're having one.

Smart as a whip, this one.

It's any day now, huh?

Meadow: Yes, and not one moment too soon. I love babies, but I hate being pregnant.

Meadow: Mysterious voice! I think it's...

Meadow: Time!!!

And another bathroom birth, I see.


Meadow: It's a girl! We've got two daughters!


Meadow: Yeah, this new baby and Alexis.

Oh, right. Sorry, I'm a little paranoid about things coming in groups of two.

So what are you going to call her?

Meadow: Well, seeing as how today's the last day of fall, I think I'm going to name her Autumn.

Very appropriate.

And I can see she got her Daddy's red hair too. Speaking of which...

Oh, there he is. How do you like your new daughter, Jacob?

Jacob: She's adorable. She looks exactly like Lexi at that age. Oh, that reminds me...

Jacob: Alexis, say hello to your new sister Autumn.

Alexis: Hi, Autumn.

No sibling rivelry here. That's good.

Alexis: I did it! I caught a fish!

That's great, but you should probably get inside. It's getting cold out.

Well, that brings us to the end of our week. You guys get Autumn settled in, and I'll see you next round. Next stop, the Richardson house!