Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Greene 1: Round 4

Last time we visited the Greene family, the older twins Carson and Carter grew into their teenage years and prepared for their move to college. Carson became the town's first alien abductee. Meanwhile, the younger twins Caydance and Conner grew to children, while the parents Marisa and Ethan continued to advance in their careers. Meanwhile, the entire family tried to keep up with Misty the cat.

As I was saying...

Caydance: I miss when this was Carter's job...

Welcome to growing up, dear.

Marisa: Ughh! I don't feel so great...

Um, there something you need to tell me?

Conner: Yes!! My first A+!

Caydance: Mine, too!

Great job, guys!

Conner: Make Caydance put her report card down!

Caydance, no one likes bragging...

I guess all that hard work at school really wiped Caydance out...

Oh, hi Ethan! Haven't seen you around much this week.

Ethan: I've been...busy.


Still bonding with Misty, I see.

Caydance: I love my kitty!

It's time for a double birthday!! Say, where's Ethan and Marisa?

Conner: They're busy.

Oh, ok.

Well, I can see that Caydance is the looker from this family.

Conner: What does that mean?

Nothing. Um, which asperation would you guys like?

Caydance: Knowledge for me.

Ok, and Conner?

Conner: Popularity for me.

Um, Marisa? Are you sure there isn't anything you want to tell me?

Marisa: Owwww!!!

Marisa: I guess we have a new baby.

I guess so. Does the baby have a name?

Marisa: Hmm...I guess we'll call him Corey.

Marisa: I thought I was done with this baby stuff...

Conner: He's so cute!

Marisa: I guess.

And I see Caydance has retained her bond with Misty...

Caydance: I still love my kitty.

At least you're making some human friends too...

You seem to be doing most of the baby care, Conner.

Conner: Yeah, Mom's been kind of out of it since Corey was born.

Your Mom's still out of it, huh?

Conner: Yeah. I don't know what's wrong, Corey's such a cute baby.

Marisa: Come on, Corey. The faster you grow up, the faster...


Marisa: I mean...happy birthday, Corey!

Aww, he's adorable!

Marisa: Yeah, yeah.

Caydance: Do I really have to be here for this?

I see you're taking your mother's position on child care.

See, Caydance? You should learn a few things from your brother.

At least Ethan isn't avoiding his parental responsibility.

Um, Ethan? Is there a reason you're in your swimsuit while everyone else is in their winter clothes?

Ethan: Not really. Just felt like a dip in the pool.

Well, it's about time you bonded with your little brother, Caydance.

Umm, what's with the gypsy?

Caydance: She's the matchmaker, duh! She's going to help me get a date.

Roger Larson, huh? I guess that could work out.

Roger: Ooff!

Yes, you two make a very cute couple.

Caydance: Mysterious voice...get out of here. You're embarassing me.

Ok, ok.

Besides, it looks like I've got other things to observe.

Ethan: I don't know if I'm ready for this...I mean, Corey's still so young...

I know, but ready or not it's coming!

And apparently the elder years has turned Ethan into a farmer. Say, what about Marisa?

Ethan: She's a few days younger than me.


Note: The mysterious voice is not promoting incest. That is actually Roger in this picture, not Conner!

Aww. Caydance's first kiss!

Whoa, and her second, I guess. I think this would be a good time to move on to another house. I'll see everyone next round. Try to get Marisa to bond with Corey a bit, huh?