Monday, August 20, 2007

Richardson 2: Round Four

Last round, Alyssa and William Richardson adjusted to life with their twin boys, Austin and Adrien, who grew into toddlers and then children. Alyssa continued to work toward her life goal of being the mayor (an extremely common goal around this town) while William spent most of his time chasing after the boys or the family's hyperactive dog, Smokey. Alyssa soon became pregnant again, and continued the family tradition giving birth to a second set of twins, Emily and Elizabeth, who grew into toddlers at the end of the week.

Hello, everyone! Oh, I see Emily's got a new hairstyle!

Alyssa: Yeah, that old one didn't seem to suit her.

Why's everyone hanging out on the lawn?

William: It's a nice day!

Well, judging by that sky it's not going to be a nice day for long. Get back inside!

Adrien, I think you're a little too young to be trying to pick up ladies...

Adrien: But Austin has a girlfriend, Alexis!!!

Yes, but she's his age. Rachel is older than you.

For the last time, could you people please put on clothes in front of your children and their friends?

Seriously! It's the girls' birthday! Get dressed!

William: No time now!!!!

That cannot be comfortable for either of them...

At least Elizabeth had a normal birthday...

Elizabeth: Cool! I've got five fingers!

Although she is still obsessed with her hands.

Elizabeth: Nice doggie...

Aren't you used to that crazy dog by now? He's been barking at you since you were born.

Man, that's a lot of homework.

William: You're telling me!!

And I see the backyard greenhouse is becoming a family affair...

William: Alyssa, don't you think you're getting a bit obsessed with this?

Alyssa: Nah. Now come on, let's get these vegetables in the ground!!

A rare break from garden work...

Austin: I think Mommy's going crazy...

You and me both, kid.

As I was saying...hey guys, don't you think you're a bit old to be having pillow fights? And in your underwear? What kind of example...

Alyssa: Oh, relax. The kids can't see us anyway.


Elizabeth: Check it out! My first A+!

William: Great job, honey!!

The kids can't even see us, huh? Adrien smacked Austin so hard his head went through the pillow.

Happy birthday boys!!!

Austin: I wish Mom was here.

Where is she?

Austin: In the greenhouse.

Of course.

What handsome young men. And now the time has come to choose your asperations. Adrien, you go first.

Adrien: Can't I just jump on the couch and juggle all day?

Yup, it's called being a Pleasure sim.

Adrien: Awesome! Sign me up!

Will do. And Austin?

Austin: Family for me.

And fortunately, Alexis Larson is right here to help you get a head start on that.


More Awww, and I see you got promoted, William!

William: Sure did!

Elizabeth: But why can't we have just one little brother or sister?

Elizabeth, in your family things don't tend to come in ones. You're house is busy enough already.

See, this is what happens when you leave your homework on the lawn. You sure you don't want to bring that inside?

Emily: Nah, I'm almost done.


Emily: Good doggie!

I see you get along better with Smokey than your sister.

Whoa, William! You don't look so good!

William: I was outs..s..side for too long!

Gee what gave you that idea?

Still in the greenhouse?

Alyssa: These plants aren't going to tend themselves you know!

Aww, it's their first real date. And they look even better together now than when they were little.

Alyssa: And the littlest ladybug said...

Alyssa, let me see if I'm processing this right. You're out here, in the middle of winter, talking to your plants?

Alyssa: Sure!

Backing away slowly....

Emily: Wow! It's snowing again!

Yeah, you guys have had a pretty heavy snowfall this winter.

Emily: I thought I heard a funny noise outside...I'm going to go see what it is.

Well, this is certainly an interesting family. Mom's talking to plants, Dad's freezing himself, and now Emily's petting a penguin.

Way to go, Emily! Now that's a way to end a week!! I'll see the boys after college, and everyone else next round. Try to pry Alyssa out of the greenhouse before then, ok?