Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Larson 1: Round 4

Welcome to the beginning of a brand new round in Tranquility Acres! Now it's back to the beginning with the founding Larson family. Last round, the twins Mark and Roger grew from toddlers to children. Soon after, little sister Maureen joined the family. Olivia and Nicholas continued to work on their careers, and Olivia is getting closer to her lifetime want of becoming a mad scientist.

Hi, Maureen. How are you this morning?

Maureen: Happy! Mommy said we might be getting a pet!

And I can see that pet is on everyone's mind this morning...

Mark: I think we should get a fish...

Yeah, keep up that fight Mark.

Maureen: I got an A+!

Great job! You caught up with your brothers!

And everyone brought home a friend, I see. It's a real party!

And for a very important occasion!

Mark goes first...

Then Roger...

What handsome young men!

Mark: Thanks!

So what asperations do you want?

Roger: I want knowledge.

Ok...and Mark?

Mark: Family.

Well I see that Roger's off to a great start with being a knowledge sim...

Roger: Mom's out...

Really? Where?

Oh, she was at the pet store, wasn't she?

Maureen: Yup! We got a womrat!

Is there a reason you're taking the womrat food to school?

Maureen: No...


Maureen: Did you miss me?

How cute.

And I see Maureen's busy building up her own skills...good job!

Shouldn't you guys have 5 chairs?

Olivia: Why?

Ok, I guess musical chairs can make mealtime more fun...

Oh, look! Grace came over to visit!

Maureen: Dancing is fun!!!

Just don't bang your head into the far as I can tell there's no hospital in this town.

Family fishing party, I guess?

Roger: All right!!

Mark: Aww.

Nicholas: How do these gigantic fish get into our tiny backyard pond?

Hey, don't complain. Because of that fish you'll be eating well for quite a while.

Oh, time for another birthday!

Wow, you sure grew up nicely.

Maureen: I love my outfit!

It's not bad, actually.

So what asperation for you?

Maureen: Family.

Oh, that's a popular one in this house.

You got a bird?

Olivia: Yup!

The womrat wasn't enough for you there?

Oh, boy. It's that magical time again...

I think I need a moment...

Olivia: What?

Well, you were the first adult to move into this town. This is a big moment.

Wow, Nicholas doesn't look like he aged at all if you don't look at his hair.

Nicholas: Why did I suddenly gain a hunchback?

I don't know. But I do know that this week is up! I'll see all three of the kids at college!