Friday, August 17, 2007

Larson 2: Round 4

Last round, Tranquility Acres' first college graduates Jacob and Meadow Larson continued to raise their daughter Alexis, who grew from toddler to child. Jacob continued to persue his lifelong dream of becoming a celebrity chef. Towards the middle of the week, Meadow became pregnant again and gave birth to the couple's second daughter, Autumn at the end of the week.

Whoa, that swimsuit really stands out. Going on Baywatch, are we?

Meadow: What's Baywatch?

Never mind.

Alexis: Dad, Dad, I got an A+!

Hey, you two should go out to celebrate.

Jacob: Where?

The Tranquility Acres Ice Arena, that's where!!! Jacob, you could have at least gotten dressed.

Alexis: I like skating!!!

Alexis: Oof!

Don't feel bad. At least you don't have skates growing out of your feet like your father.

Jacob, it's the middle of winter and you're in a public place. Would it have killed you to put on clothes? Or shoes?

Jacob: What? This is what I was wearing.


Jacob: Come on, we've got to get home.


Oh, it's Autumn's first birthday!!!

And she's all ready for winter!!!

And it's another all night teaching session, I see.

Jacob: She's awake and I have the day off tomorrow.

I think she may be getting a bit tired.

Jacob: We're really close to being done. It's almost over.

And it looks like baby number three is on the way!!!

Meadow: It feels a little too soon...

Alexis: Hi, Big Bird!

Big Bird?

Meadow: It's what she calls the baby. It's cute, right?


So in case you haven't noticed, we're having a third baby.

Jacob: Ok. Do these pancakes taste funny to you?

They're only burned...and spoiled.

Oh, look. Alexis has a friend. And could they be any cuter together? (Makes notes...)

Alexis: What are you doing?

Nothing, dear. Just go play with Austin.

Well Alexis sure is a great big sister!

Although I think the parents need a talking to...hey guys, you might want to dig your child out of the snowbank!

Meadow: Oh, my!

It's getting closer...

Meadow: Autumn's still so little...this is happening so fast!

Don't worry. It will work out.

Have a good day, Alexis!

Alexis: I shouldn't HAVE to go to school. It's snowing!!!

Welcome to the world of kids all over during the winter.

Jacob: Hi, Big Bird!

Jacob calls the baby Big Bird?

Meadow: Yes.

Somehow that's less cute.

Hey, look who's back!

Jacob: Hey there, little guy!

Only in this town can you make friends with a penguin on your way to work.

See? There's still plenty of time to play in the snow.

Alexis: I still wanted a snow day.

Happy birthday Alexis!!!

Wow, you certainly are a pretty young lady.

Alexis: Thank you.

Now what asperation would you like?

Alexis: Popularity.


And the first thing she does is finish her snowman. Nice.

Meadow: Owww!

Oh, boy. It's time to meet Big Bird!


Meadow: We've got a third girl!

And does she have a name?

Meadow: about Addison?


Ok, I'll go get a room set up for her.

You're so good to babysit like this.

Alexis: She's such a cute baby!

Happy Birthday Autumn!

She's an excitable little thing, isn't she?

And a nice close up of Addison...she's got your hair too, Jacob.

Alexis is becoming quite the social butterfly.

Alexis: Yup.

But why are you bundled up when Rachel's in a little dress?

Alexis: It's cold!

Driveway dancing...ok.

Meadow: Today was the first day of school.

Right! Sorry I didn't get a picture.

Happy first birthday Addison! This is a big birthday week.

Thanks for letting me get a picture...

Meadow: We want to change her hair first.

But first we have to have a recital by Alexis...

And teach Addison to talk...

And potty train her. This is certainly a busy night.

Man, that's a lot of red hair in one room.

It's Saturday, and that means it's time for some sibling bonding before Alexis goes to college.

Alexis: Wanna dance?

Man, this family sure loves to dance with each other.


Autumn: What?

Typical middle child.

One last skill for Addison...

Meadow: Come on, Addy...come to Mommy.

Autumn: I really like school.

That's good. Say, where's everyone else?

Jacob: Lexi is upstairs with Addy.

Oh, so I see. Bonding with the baby today, huh?

Alexis: Well, it's my last day before college, right?

Yes it is! You guys are smart!

And the makeover is complete, I see. She looks so much like you.

Alexis: I know! We all look so much alike!

Oh, no...

Meadow: Fire! Fire! Fire!

Relax. The rain will put it out...according to the book.

Meadow: Book? What book?

Never mind. Another tree just ignighted.

Well that was certainly an eventful end to the week. Alexis, I'll see you at college at the end of the round. Everyone else, see you in round five! I'm going to miss you guys, you're some of my favorites!