Sunday, August 5, 2007

Greene 3: Round 3

Now that the class of round 3 has completed college, it's time to follow them back to their hometown so they can begin their adult lives. First up, Melody Geller and Carter Greene.

Hello, guys! I see you're enjoying your new home.

Melody: It's amazing. I never imagined having anything so nice right out of college.

Well, with the two of you putting your money together much more is possible.

Carter: With this ring, I thee wed...

A kitchen wedding. Interesting.

Melody: Well, it's such a nice kitchen...

You guys realize that this means you don't get a honeymoon...

Carter: That's ok. We'll make our own.

Whoa, I guess so.

Melody: This is happening so fast...

You're telling me...

Carter: Ahh!

Calm down, Carter.

Carter: Oh, thank goodness! She's ok!


Melody: We've got a boy! Meet Jim!

Nice name.

What a good mommy...

Melody: He's actually been a very easy baby. He barely cries at all.

I see Daddy does his part keeping him entertained as well.

What a cute little family...even if the father is wearing grandpa shorts

Melody: Thanks.

Carter: Hey!

Melody: Ughh! Oh, Jim!

The joys of new parenthood.

It's his birthday already?

Melody: They grow up so fast.

I think he may be a bit too young to blow out candles, Melody.

What a cutie...and a tropical cutie at that.

You know, I really don't think that's a very appropriate outfit for little Jim...

Carter: Why not?

Is that a good enough reason?

Melody: It's snowing!!! Quick, go change Jim into his winter clothes!

Ok, Melody. Calm down...

Carter: Well, with the cold weather it's the perfect time for some potty training!

And redecorating Jim's room, apparently.

Man, that's an ugly outfit.

Carter: Shut up, mysterious voice., don't say that Jim!

Ok, well, you guys keep working on that talking thing. My week with you guys is up. It's time to go see your brother and Melody's sister, and finally wrap up round 3!