Saturday, August 25, 2007

Leonard 2: Round Four

Last time, Morgan Leonard and her husband George raised their daughter Audrey through her toddler years and into childhood. Morgan continued to advance in the political field while George advanced in buisness. In the middle of the week, the family was sent into chaos by both a fire and a robbery in the same day, but the week still ended on a happy note with the birth of a second daughter, Rebecca.

Aww, look. Audrey's making a friend.

Audrey: I'm still mad at you!


Audrey: You didn't get us an alarm and the robber took my bear!

Oh, and it's Rebecca's first birthday!

Morgan: Wow...she looks just like Audrey.

Yeah. That's genetics for you.

Oh, I see you changed her hair.

Morgan: Yeah, I couldn't resist. Now it's right to the potty we go!

Now it's time for some sister bonding...

Audrey: Don't say anything to her, Rebecca! She's mean!

I'm not mean! I'm just forgetful.

Hey guys, I think you'd better...oh, sorry.

Audrey: Mommy, I think I saw a ghost!!!

No...there's no ghosts at your house.

Audrey: I wasn't talking to you!!

Oh, hi George. This is the first time we've seen you this week!

George: I know. I've been really busy.

Morgan, are you alright?

Morgan: Yeah, it's probably just some bad food I ate...I've got to get to work!

Bad food, huh?

Morgan: Oh, my...

And Audrey's making another friend...

Audrey: I'm...

I know, I know. You're still not talking to me.

Oh, look. The nanny actually made Baked Alaska without setting herself on fire.

Wow, Audrey's just the little social butterfly this week...

Audrey: You grow up this week too?

Audrey: Hi, baby!!

Meeting the new sibling, huh?

Audrey: La la la...I'm not listening!

Yeah, I think it's about time for Audrey to grow up.

So Audrey, you still mad at me?

Audrey: Of course I am. I was still mad five minutes ago...

Unbelievable. What asperation would you like?

Audrey: Knowledge.


Oh, and I guess it's a double birthday!

What a pretty little girl you are...

Rebecca: Um...Audrey says I'm not supposed to talk to you.

Oh, for the love of...

Rebecca:'s snowing!!

Some before-school red-hands I see?

Audrey: Hmph!

Rebecca: Hmpf too!


Oh, lovely. What a great place to give birth-on the snowy lawn!

Morgan: We've got a baby boy!

Great! I'm sure Audrey will train him to hate me too! What's his name?

Morgan: Kyle.

Are you sure you didn't want to be a popularity Sim?

Audrey: No, I said knowledge and I meant knowledge.

Just great. Now she's got the teenager attitude with me.

Morgan: Audrey, maybe it's time to give the mysterious voice a break.

Audrey: No! If we'd had that alarm...

Thanks for trying, Morgan.

Another day, another birthday.

All dressed for winter!!!

Morgan: It makes my job easier...

Morgan: Good boy, Kyle!!! Good job learning how to walk!!

That was fast...that smart milk sure works wonders.

No, Kyle! Don't eat that...oh, why do I bother...

Now it's Rebecca's turn to be the big sister...

Rebecca: Um...I don't know if I should talk to you.

Ok, an interesting setting for learning to talk.

George: It keeps him near the potty.

True. Well, my week with you guys is up. Tell Audrey I'll see her in college...hopefully she'll let go of her grudge then.