Friday, June 22, 2007

Geller 1: Round 3

Last round, the Geller family was blessed with twin girls named Harmony and Melody, bringing the family up to eight. While Sam and Chloe adjusted to life with two babies, Sam's older children Noah, Julia, and Destiny and Chloe's daughter Bryanna rapidly prepared for college. All four of the older kids grew to teen and then left for college after finding love, while Melody and Harmony pogressed through their toddler years and became children.

The house sure seems a lot more quiet with just the younger twins at home.

Chloe: It sure is.

How are you doing, Harmony?

Harmony: Hey, you knew my name!

Of course I did. You're wearing blue.

Trying to make some extra cash there, Melody?

Melody: Yeah, but no one's walked by to buy any of it!

Don't worry, I'm sure it will happen.

See? What did I tell you?

Melody: Thanks, dad!

Not that it actually made you any money, but at least it helped her self esteem.

And I see you're both being princesses now?

Harmony: Do you like them?

As long as Melody's still in pink and you're still in blue...

Oh, no. Not again...

Chloe: You set yourself on fire the last time you tried to make that! Why would you try again?

I think it may be time to find a new nanny.

The girls do look very cute as princesses...

How's the spaghetti?

Melody: Great!

Harmony: Because Mommy made it, not the nanny.

I would have to agree with her on that one. For someone with a high enough cooking skill to attempt Baked Alaska, that nanny sure burns a lot of stuff.

Harmony: This is fun!

A little after dinner dancing, I see...just be careful not to hit the chairs or table.

Melody: Mysterious voice?


Melody: I think the sky is broken. There's water coming out of it.

That's just rain, honey.

Melody: Rain is kind of cool.

Yes, but not when you're standing outside in your swimsuit.

Melody: Look at how big I am!!

I see. You girls sure are growing up fast.

Are you sure that's the best outfit to be wearing while you're working in the garden?

Melody: Sure, why not?

Meanwhile Harmony's wearing her princess dress to catch butterflies.

Harmony: Not really. I didn't catch any.

Oh, well. Keep trying.

Melody: I caught a fish!

Great job!

And Melody becomes the first resident to get a talent badge. Good job.

Aww, my two little princesses are growing up!

Here we go...

Of course Melody grows up wearing blue.

Melody: Does it really matter?

What asperation would you like?

Melody: Fortune.

Ok, now on to Harmony...

You're both such lovely young ladies. What asperation for you, Harmony?

Harmony: Popularity.


Harmony: How do these boots keep getting in our pond?

I don't know, Harmony.

That's better...

Well that just about wraps up my week with you guys. Girls, stand by for college-it's coming soon!