Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Leonard 3: Round 2

We're getting so close to the end of round 2, I can feel it! This week we'll be visiting my favorite little troublemaker Logan Leonard and his new love interest Julia Geller.

Hi, Julia! Hi, Logan! Glad to see you're not hanging off of fridges anymore.

Logan: I'm a little bit too big for that now.

Logan: Julia, now that we're all moved into our new house, there's something I'd like to ask you...

Oh, boy! I think I know what's coming!

Logan: Julia, will you marry me?

I totally forgot you guys could do this while you were eating...

Time for some reaction shots!!!

Whoa, that ring is blinding me!

And I think it's wedding time!!!

Julia: Thanks for coming, Destiny!!

Ok, Julia! Enough greeting! It's time to get this wedding going!

I love how non-traditional the wedding attire is in this town. Only one person so far has worn a white wedding dress.

Destiny: So I heard that...

Twin gossip. Ahh, some things will never change.

Honeymoon time!!!

Interesting outfit choice, Logan...

Julia: Um, mysterious voice...

I know, I know. I'm very familiar with the pattern by now...

So you had the first WooHoo before the first kiss. Nice twist.

Ok, enough romance for now. Get to bed so you can go to work in the morning.

Julia: First day of work! First day of work!

Again, some things never change.

About that first day of work...

Julia: Well at least I'll still get paid.

Julia, I understand you're pregnant and tired, but would it be too much trouble to put on clothes before having dinner with your husband's work associates?

Things are getting bigger!

Julia: I'm so excited for the baby!!

One day later:

The time has come!!!

Julia: Owww!!!!

Julia: And it's a girl!

Well we had two boys in the last house. That makes sense. What's her name?

Julia: Kristin.

What a cutie...hold on, I'll go get her room ready.

Now we're going to take a moment just to observe how adorable Kristin is.

Julia: You are such a pretty baby!!

Ok, enough gawking. Put the baby down, she needs to sleep.

Um, I'm not even going to ask for an explaination here.

Julia: It's better that you don't.

Nice outfit, Logan.

Logan: Thanks. I picked one up for me, Julia, and Kristin.

Nice. What are you doing?

Logan: Trying to write a novel. I need creativity points.

Oh, look. Logan's big sister Morgan came over for Kristin's birthday!

It's cake time!! Happy birthday Kristin!!!

She's absolutely adorable. But I do have to say that I'm getting a bit sick of that hairstyle.

Kristin: Auntie Morgan....

Aww, how cute.

You can really see the family resemblence, huh?

Julia: And with Morgan entertaining her, I have some time to clean.

Logan: I'm glad she's getting a relationship with her extended family.

And I see you changed her hair, very nice...hey, Kristin get out of the toilet!!!

Awww, you're so cute! I can't even be annoyed!

Sorry to be so camera happy...

Logan: That's ok. I understand.

Time for the first steps!!

That smart milk really helps!!

Logan: On to skill number two...

Potty training is a family job, apparently.

And two out of three down!!!

That's a very cute dress, by the way. And it matches the flowers in her hair.

Ok, my week with you guys is just about up...hey, what are you doing Kristin?

Oh, great. Now she can climb out of her crib by herself. Next week should be fun...