Thursday, June 21, 2007

Greene 1: Round 3

When we last visited the Greene family, Ethan Greene and his recent bride Marisa had just become the proud parents of two baby boys, Carson and Carter. Ethan's older children Alyssa and Joshua grew into teenagers and soon departed for college. Meanwhile, Marisa became pregnant again and, thanks to an encounter with some cheesecake, gave birth to the couple's second set of twins, Conner and Caydance, who grew to toddlers at the end of the week. Sometime in the middle of all this, the family adopted a kitten named Misty.

What a good big brother you are, Carson.

Carson: Thanks, mysterious voice.

Is everybody ready for another rousing week?

Carter: Rousing?

Ok, maybe that was a bit much. Is everybody ready for a slightly eventful week?

Carter: I heard there are aliens and when you look through a telescope they suck you up and do weird stuff with you.

Carson: No way, that's not true.

Ok, boys. Come on, it's time for school.

I see Misty is still doing well.

Carter: I thought having a cat would be boring, but she's a lot of fun.

How did Caydance get outside?

Marisa: I don't know. I need to keep a better eye on her, I guess.

I'm glad you're being so nice to your brother and sister, but we're going to have to talk about that outfit, Carson.

Carson: What? I like this outfit.

Yeah, but I'm sure your teachers don't appreciate it. Have a good day at school, boys.

And meanwhile, you two keep building those skill points.

Carter: I got an A+!!!

Great job!

Carson: I got one too, Mom!

Marisa: We're so proud of both of you!

And I see Caydance is bonding with the cat...

Caydance: Kitty!

Caydance, dear, I think you're squeezing a bit too hard.

And the training continues...I'm surprised you guys had time for any of this with how many kids you have.

Marisa: Well, I got practice with the first set of twins.

Carter: This is so gross!

I know, but thanks for helping out. I was beginning to think that no one would ever clean that litter box.

Misty, off the counter! Those aren't your pancakes!

Synchronized painting. I like it.

And look-everybody's brought home a friend from school. So who came home with who?

Carter: Maureen came home with me, and Harmony came home with Carson.

I see. Well, I think Maureen might be just a few days too young, but Harmony...

Carson: Too young for what?

Never mind.

And Maureen's big brother came over, too. Well, one of them.

Carter: You're a twin? Me too!

It's really sad that this is such common conversation here.

Speaking of twins, I think it's time for a birthday!

Look, they even have the same kind of pajamas, but with gender-appropriate colors.

And Caydance, you certainly are a pretty little girl!

Caydance: Thanks, mysterious voice.

Under the sea, under the sea...

Carter: Why are you singing?

Sorry, your bedroom inspired me.

And I can see the first day of school is on everyone's minds this morning.

Caydance: Bye, Misty! I'll see you after school.

How sweet. By the way, love the new hairdo, Caydance.

Caydance: Bang! Bang!

Carson: Ow, you got me! I'm dead!

Caydance, even pretend death is nothing to laugh at.

Look who came home again...

As I was saying...hey Carson, how do you like Harmony?

Carson: She's really cool, for a girl.

Meanwhile, Marisa bonds with her younger two. That first day of separation is always hard.

Marisa: Both their fun bars were just drained. I don't know what they could have been doing on the first day to make them so bored...

Their school will always be a mystery.

At least they have the cat to play with...

Caydance: I love you, Misty...

Happy birthday, twins!!! Carter, you're up first...

What a stunning young man. What asperation are you choosing?

Carter: Family.


And now it's Carson's turn...again, nice outfit Carson. What asperation for you?

Carson: Pleasure.

Why doesn't that surprise me?

And Carson wastes no time in getting a belly. Good job, Carson.

Carson: This telescope is awesome!

Shouldn't you be working out right now?

Nice painting, though. I forsee a scholarship in your future.

And I see Caydance is following in her brother's footsteps.

Caydance: So today this girl came up to me at school, and she was totally...

Such a typical girl. Caydance, other people need to use the phone. Who are you talking to, anyway?

Caydance: My friend Melody.

Don't you think you should get dressed before having company over?

That telescope again...wait a minute, what's going on?

Carson: Whoa...what's happening?

You remember back when you were kids and Carter told you about aliens?

Carter: I can't believe it's actually true!

Carson: Help me!!!

Caydance: Tell me when it's over!!!

It will be ok, guys. Trust me on this.

Conner: What's going to happen to Carson?

Relax, guys. He'll be fine. Go back to bed.

Or stand on the lawn and get no sleep. Whatever works for you guys.

See? I told you he'd come back.

Carson: What just happened to me?

You just became Tranquility Acres first alien abduction. You two are just the trailblazers around here, aren't you? Yours was the first birth, too.

I guess the ordeal must have upset Misty...she's never scratched the furniture before.

What are you doing, Marisa?

Marisa: Learning how to arrange flowers.


Marisa: I just needed a hobby.

Well, my week with you guys is winding down. And I'd say that this was actually quite rousing.
I can't wait to see what happens to you guys next round. And Carson and Carter, stand by for college at the end of this one!