Monday, June 4, 2007

Greene 2: Round 2

Next up is yet another new home in Tranquility Acres, belonging to childhood sweethearts Joshua Greene and Bryanna Macguire.

Actually, this doesn't look like a new house...

Joshua: It's not, actually. We moved into the house that Bryanna lived in with her mom, aunt, cousin and grandmother.

Bryanna: You know, since I had moved out when Grandma died I felt I should move back to the lot where she's buried. You know, to honor her memory.

That makes sense.

So you're honoring her memory by tearing down the old house and building a completely new one?

Bryanna: To help ease the pain, you know.


Joshua: Bryanna, now that our house is done, will you marry me?

Bryanna: Yes!

Yay! Another wedding!!! Time to call the relatives!

Well isn't that an interesting choice of formalwear. Nice to see you, Chloe.

Bryanna: Hi, Mom!

Chloe: Thanks for moving back here...

Even if they did build a competely new house.

I see non-traditional wedding attire runs in the family...

Audience: Yay!

Oh look, Bryanna's cousin Tyler came too!

Wait...Seth and Savannah aren't related to either of you...

Bryanna: They just showed up in the middle of the wedding ceremony.

I love when the Welcome Wagon joins in on the wedding.

It's honeymoon time! See you guys later!

What a way to spend your wedding night...

See, this is more like it. I'm going to go ahead and get out of here...

What are you doing, Joshua?

Joshua: Bryanna and I are both in the culinary career, and they sent us these cool machines so we can practice by making candy. And we can make money!

Very productive, Josh.

Uh-oh, it's that time again.

Ella's Ghost: This isn't my house!!!

Now it's time to play follow the ghost!

Ella, you're a ghost! Why do you need to eat?

Joshua: Bryanna, are you sure it was such a good idea moving back here? Your grandma's ghost just scared me again...

Bryanna, your pregnant?

Ella's Ghost: Ooga Booga!

What is is with the ghosts and scaring people through their spouses?

Everything seems to be moving along as it should...

Bryanna: Owww!!!

It's time!


Bryanna: We've got a baby girl, Mackenzie!

There's only one of her, right?

Bryanna: Yeah.

I think the spell might actually be broken this time.

She's very cute...

Bryanna: Yeah, she is.


Bryanna: It's all a part of parenthood, I guess...

Mackenzie's first bath?

Bryanna: Well I have a fear of changing a diaper, so this way she can get clean and I can still be happy.


Back to the candy machine?

Bryanna: I just maxed my cooking skill!

Well that's not surprising. You had eight before you went to college.

Joshua: Who's birthday is tomorrow? Who's birthday is tomorrow?

Trying to start the talking lessons early there, aren't we Josh?

Another one down!

Bryanna: I'm that much closer to my life's goal to max out all seven!

Happy birthday dear Mackenzie...

Very cute!

And let the training begin! Bryanna still has that fear of changing diapers!

Joshua: Good night, Mackenzie...

And that about wraps up my week with you guys. I'll see you all next round!!