Monday, June 11, 2007

Macguire 2: Round Two

We're slowly but surely working our way through the recent Tranquility Acres college grads. Next up are Tyler Macguire and Mia Richardson.

Oh, look, we've arrived just in time.

Tyler: Mia, will you marry me?

Mia: Yes, of course!!

Ok, you heard the lady! Let's get this wedding on the road here!

What a beautiful bride you are, Mia.

Mia: Thanks.

It seems like it was just weeks ago that you were a little toddler...

Mia: Umm...I think it was.


Oh, good. The Welcome Wagon's here five minutes after the wedding ceremony.

You're washing dishes in your wedding dress?

Mia: Someone has to do it...

Well, now that everyone's back from the honeymoon...

Tyler: And work...

Yes, and work, by some sheer miracle...

Mia: Um, mysterious voice...

Enough said.

Two Days Later...

Tyler: So you're staying home tomorrow to take care of the thing?

Mia: Yeah.

The thing? What thing?

Mia: It's not really important...don't worry about it. two have been married for two days and you haven't had your first kiss yet?

Mia: It just kind of slipped our minds.

Um, guys...what's with the lady lifting the baby out of a van?

Mia: We're adopting a baby. We've been trying for days and it's just not working for us.

That's great! Hold on, let me get a close up of

Mia: Gregory.

He's even got your blonde hair!

Mia: My beautiful new baby boy!

Let's get him inside, shall we.

And now Tyler's home and can meet his new son.

Tyler: He's so beautiful!!

Um, Mia?

Mia: I think it's just food poisoning.

Ok, whatever you say.

Mia, can't you get dressed before you hold your child?

Mia: Look, I'm really tired and I'm starving...


Happy birthday Gregory! Wow, that came fast!

What a cute little boy!!!

Mia: Who's Mommy's big boy?

Are you guys thinking about having more?

Mia: Well, I am a family sim...but I don't know if the whole pregnancy thing is going to work out.

I have a feeling it will...

Aww, Greg's first steps.

Mia: Wait a minute...something feels strange...

So I guess it wasn't just food poisoning, huh?

Mia: I guess not.

Mia: Good night, future big brother!

You know, I think you might be the first one I've seen actually bathe a toddler in this town.

Mia: I thought I could hold out until he grew up but he just smells so bad...

Tyler: Say bottle.

Having a hard time there, aren't you Tyler?

Mia: Um, I think something's happening!

So, does Greg have a little brother or sister?

Mia: Brother. This is baby Christopher.

Awesome. What a great way to end my week with you guys. See you next round! Only two more new houses to go-now we move on to the Geller/Leonard twin couples!