Saturday, June 2, 2007

Leonard 2: Round 2

Next up on our list of graduates is Morgan Leonard. Unfortunately, she was unable to find a love interest before leaving for college and thus spent her college years alone, aside from her roomates of course. Maybe she'll have better luck now that she's in adulthood.

Hi, Morgan!

Morgan: This stinks! Why don't I have a boyfriend? All the other teens got boyfriends before college.

Sorry, but there was no one I deemed good enough for you. Didn't you meet anyone at school?

Morgan: Well, there is my friend George. He lived in our dorm...well, technically he still lives there.

See? It's not that bad.

Morgan: So George, do you want to come over after I get out of work?

Atta girl, Morgan.

Better late than the way, you look good in your work stuff, Morgan.

What a cute couple you guys are.

Morgan: Thanks.

Morgan: So George, do you want to move in with me?

George: Sure. Anything's better than the dorm.

Nice, George.

Wait...what's going on...

Oh, right. George had to grow up.

Morgan: I feel like such a cradle-robber.

Man, you don't waste any time, do you?

Morgan: George, will you marry me?

Way to take charge of the situation, Morgan. I like that!

I think that's a yes!

You guys excited about your weddiing tomorrow?

Morgan: I can't wait.

Whoa, I guess not. I'll be leaving now.

George: Hey, I like your hair! You want to stay for the wedding later?

Now that your home from work, it's wedding time!!!

Hi, Grandma!

How are you holding up since Bryce died, Savannah?

Morgan: Grandpa died?

Um, yeah. After you left for college. Sorry you had to find out on your wedding day.

Um, Seth, your daughter is getting married outside. You want to pause that chess game?

What a nice ceremony.

Morgan: So Dad, I think I'm having a baby...


Morgan: Yeah. I've been feeling sick all day...

Thanks for telling me!

It's honeymoon time!

I guess you are having a baby! Congratulations.

Morgan, are you spending your pregnency reading trashy romance novels?

Morgan: What better way to spend it?


Things are moving along...

Morgan: I'm so hungry!

Well, you're eating for two people.

Morgan: Owwwww!!!

It's coming! George, get in here!


Morgan: It's a girl! I think we'll name her Audrey!


Ok, put her down so I can get a shot of her.

What a cutie!!

Morgan: Isn't she? She looks so much like her father.

Speaking of her father...

Oh, there he is. What do you think of your new daughter, George?

George: She's so adorable!

Well, as much as I'd like to stay and look at Audrey some more, my week with you guys is up.

Morgan: (whispering) Ok, goodbye, mysterious voice!

(whispering) Bye, guys!