Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Larson 1: Round 3

Wow, I thought that second round was never going to end! Now it's back to the Larsons to kick off round number 3!

Last time, the Larson household expanded when Olivia invited Nicholas Richardson to move in, bringing along his father Daniel and his children, William and Mia, to live with her and her daughter Grace. Nicholas and Olivia became engaged and later married in a small informal ceremony. William left for college around the middle of the week, and soon after Daniel passed away of old age. Shortly after Daniel's death Olivia gave birth to twin boys, Mark and Roger who grew into toddlers while Olivia became pregnant again.

Yup, this is about where we left off...two little boys and one on the way.

Olivia: Glad this one's out of the way...those diapers were getting annoying.

Being home on maternity leave gives you a lot of time to spend with the boys, huh?

Olivia: Plus it saves some money on child care.

Olivia: I still can't believe that woman robbed us....

Olivia, let it go!

Olivia: Everyone, I think it's time!!!

You heard her, Nicholas! Step away from the michrophone.


Olivia: We've got a little girl, Maureen!

Aww. Let me have a look.

What a cutie.

Olivia: And we've got another birthday, too!


Oh, Mark and Roger's!! Sorry I missed the cake.

Roger: That's ok.

I promise we'll get Mark some different pajamas...

Mark: I kind of like these. They're comfy.


Mark: Morning, mysterious voice!

Good morning, Mark!

Hi, Roger! Happy first day of school!!

Roger: Hi, mysterious voice!

Mark, that's not what that's for!

See? Now that's a much better activity.

Roger: I wonder what this stuff tastes like...

Smart one, isn't he?

I'm so happy you guys have different colored eyes. You two are really identical.

Mark: Bye, mysterious voice!

Have a good first day, boys.

Happy birthday Maureen!!!

She's a cutie, but I'm getting really tired of that hair. I think a makeover is in order.

That's much better.

Olivia: That's it Maureen...come to Mommy!

Olivia: Good girl, Maureen!

Gee, it seems like just yesterday that you were teaching the boys to walk.

Olivia: Actually, it was two days ago.

Mark: Thanks for helping me with my homework, Dad...

Say, where's your brother?

Aww. Such a good big brother.

This seems oddly familiar...

Olivia: That's what I get for having them so close together.

Ah, I see we have another music prodigy on our hands.

Mark: Yes!!! I got an A+

Good job!

Roger: Me too!

Kind of saw that one coming.

Olivia: Finally! I'm done with potty training!

You know, you haven't spent that much time with your new daughter, Nicholas. Actually, I haven't seen you around much at all this week.

Nicholas: I've been at work.

And another lovely contribution by the nanny, I see...

Uh-oh, it's that time again! Let's play follow that ghost!

He looks angry, though I'm not quite sure what he's angry about...

Daniel's Ghost: Ooga Booga!

Nicholas: Aahhh!!

Oh, boy. Here we go. At least it got him away from that mike.

Daniel's Ghost: Ooga Booga!

Roger: Aahh!!

Now he's scaring the kids. Great.

Poor Roger. He's so beat from being scared all night he's passed out on the couch.

Another birthday for Maureen...

Looks like she's got the comfy pajamas too.

Maureen: Um...why aren't there any clothes in here?

I'm working on it, Maureen. I promise.

See? And I'm glad to see you're working on those skill points.

But I see you learned that from your big brother.

Mark: Do you like my picture?'s great, Mark.

Mark: Come on, Mom! Let's play catch!

Roger: No, Mom! We want to go swimming!

The joys of having three kids.

Well, that about wraps up my week with you guys. See you next round!

Olivia: You're not going to help me fix this?

Sorry, my hands are tied.