Saturday, June 2, 2007

Geller 2: Round 2

We're working our way through the new houses in Tranquility Acres. Next up is the new home of Noah Geller and Grace Larson, who both moved to Tranquility Acres as children.

Hi, Noah! Hi, Grace!

Grace: Hey, it's the mysterious voice!

Noah: Hi, mysterious voice! Um, why don't we have a house?

Because it hasn't been built yet, Noah. Go wait by the sidewalk.

See? Now you have a house.

Noah: How did that happen? It just kind of appeared!

It's best not to ask questions, Noah.

Noah: Grace, will you marry me?

Whoa, that's some bling there. Say yes, Grace!

I love it when they listen to me! Now it's time to have a wedding!

Hey, look! It's two of my favorite sets of twins!

Melody: Hey mysterious voice! Do you know who I am?

Yes, actually I do. You're Melody in the pink outfit...

Ah, and there's Harmony in the blue outfit. See? I can tell you guys apart.

Grace: Thanks for coming, Jacob!

You know, Grace, we're going to have to have a chat about that outfit. But not right now-it's wedding time!

Audience: Yay!

Oh, no. The girls changed outfits...This is going to be a fun party...

Grace: So you must be Melody...

Melody/Harmony(?): No, I'm Harmony!

Grace: But Noah told me that Melody always wears pink and Harmony always wears blue.

Are you two switching identities just to confuse people?

Melody/Harmony: No.....

Ahh, now I can see your faces a little better. Melody, why are you wearing green? You're confusing me and everyone else around you.

Melody: This is my nice dress. Harmony got the pink one.

Yeah, when I get back to your house you, your sister and I are planning all your outfits to match your color scheme.

Noah: I'm so glad you could make it, Des!

And I'm glad that I know who you are.

Ahh, rock-paper-scissors. The classic wedding game.

The limo's here!!!!

Did you guys have a nice honeymoon?

Grace: We sure did!

Ok, apparently the honeymoon isn't over yet!

Alright, who didn't see that coming?

Grace: I don't feel so good.

Well at least you're still up to going to work.

Grace: Thanks to that energizer thing.

Grace: I'm home!

Good. Noah's in the kitchen making dinner...

Noah: Uh-oh...I think something's wrong....

Noah/Grace: Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire!

So apparently fire safety wasn't a big part of your school curriculum, was it?

No doubt about it now, huh?

You know Grace, I'm sure Noah...

Grace: Noah is not allowed to touch the stove for awhile.

Yeah, that's probably a good idea.

Making good use of your maternity leave, I see. Good job, Grace.


Noah: Hey! I'm a commerical actor, ok? I make over $800 every day! Don't laugh at me!

Um, have you looked at yourself? Would you be able to not laugh at you?

It's getting closer...

Bye, Giant Fry Man!

Noah: Ha ha. Very funny.

What a nice husband...

Um...Ok. I guess dressing up as a giant carton of fries can tire a guy out.

Grace: Mysterious voice! It's time!!!

What is it with you guys and giving birth in your bathrooms?

So? What did we get?

Grace: A baby girl! Meet Emma.

Emma Geller. That sound familiar...never mind.

You know, now that your a mother that outfit has to go...

Grace: Yeah, I've never been too fond of it anyway.

What a cute little girl. Hi, Emma!!!

You must be in hog heaven, Noah, being a family sim and all.

Noah: She's so perfect!

They grow up so fast...Happy birthday dear Emma...

Hi, cutie!

And so the training begins!

Noah: Can't waste any time...

There we go- a much cuter outfit.

Noah: Well, Grace needed one so why not get some for Emma too?

Noah: Good night, Em!

How sweet.

Um, Noah? Emma's awake!

Noah: Already? I just put her down like 4 and a half hours ago.

Gotta love those ultra matresses they put in cribs.

Aww, her first steps!

Noah: Daddy's so proud of you...

The mysterious voice is proud, too!

Another skill down for Emma!

Noah: She's so smart!

Oh, there you are Grace! Glad to see you got a new outfit and that you're still working on those skills!

Grace: You need a whole lot of charisma to become Mayor!

This is true.

So is Noah still on stove probation?

Grace: With Emma in the house now? You bet he is.

How romantic.

Noah: Say bottle, Emma!

And that's three skills down. She sure is a smart one!

Ok, there's only like 4 hours left in your week and Emma's the only one awake, so I guess we'll just watch her play for awhile. No, Emma. Not that hole...


There you go! Good girl!

You did it! You keep playing, I'll see you and your parents next week, ok? Bye!