Saturday, June 23, 2007

Leonard 1: Round 3

Next up is the Leonard family. Last week, the biggest family in Tranquility Acres got even bigger when Seth found a new bride in Kayla Macguire, who in turn brought her own son Tyler into the household. Combined with Seth's aging parents, Bryce and Savannah, and his three children, Morgan, Ben, and Logan, the family literally couldn't have gotten any larger. Morgan's teen years drew to a close as she moved to college, and the boys found girlfriends and soon followed suit. Meanwhile, Bryce's time finally came and he passed away, although the mysterious voice wasn't quick enough with the camera to capture the moment. At the end of the week, Kayla gave birth to twin girls named Riley and Rachel.

How's it going, Kayla?

Kayla: There's a really big storm passing through, and the babies aren't reacting well.

Oh, I see.

Savannah: It's really coming wonder those girls are scared.

How cute...

Well, now that the storm is over what a perfect time to start a garden.

Savannah: Shouldn't we wait until springtime?

Well, Savannah, I don't think you'll...not with a greenhouse!!

Another double birthday!!

Savannah: Ok, Rachel, you first...

Kayla: And now Riley...

What an interesting hairstyle...

Savannah: It sure is...

I think a makeover is in order. That hair won't work in the fall and winter...

Make that two makeovers. Riley looks like a boy.

There we go. That's much better.

Kayla, what are you doing with Elixer of Life? You're not due to grow old for awhile.

Kayla: I know. But I'm still a few days ahead of Seth, and I want us to grow old together.

I see.

Glad to see you're bonding with your youngest grandkids, Savannah.

Savannah: I still might have more...

Well, about that...

Oh, never mind. Just keep playing with Riley.

Gee, that fish sure looks good. Wait a minute...where's Savannah?

Oh, don't even tell me...

Yup, I missed Savannah's death too. I swear, I'm not intentionally doing this...

Kayla: Sure you're not...

Oh, well. Life goes on. Time for first steps!

Seth: I can't believe both my parents are gone!

And I can't believe there's no more elders left in town.

More training...

Seth: Yup, times two! I think it may be time for some help...

I just realized I haven't gotten a close picture of Rachel.

Oh, so that's what you meant by help.

Seth: Yeah, there's no way this would happen without this SmartMilk.

Look who dropped by! It's Kayla's twin sister Chloe!

What do you think of your new nieces, Chloe?

Chloe: They're adorable. It makes me miss when my twins were little.

Catching some butterflies, Kayla?

Kayla: Yeah, as a present for the girls.

Present? Why?

Oh, it's their birthday!

And look, they're...exactly the same. Ok, who's who?

Riley: I'm Riley...

Ok, and you're in the slightly pink nightgown...

And that must mean you're Rachel, in the slightly blueish green.

Rachel: Yup.

And it's follow the ghost time again!

And the first thing the girls do is empty the money tree.

Savannah's Ghost: Ooga Booga!

Seth: Aahhh!!

Scare number 1...

You girls can never switch nightgowns, ok?

Riley: Why does everyone keep telling us that?

Whoa! That thing came out of your little pond?

Kayla: I know...but at least this means that we'll be eating well for awhile.

Savannnah's Ghost: Ooga Booga

Kayla: Aahhh!

Scare number two...

Kayla: Oops...

It's ok, you were just scared by your dead mother-in-law.

Like mother, like daughter... and I'm glad to see that during the day they have different hairstyles.

Make that like mother, like daughters...

Rachel: Mysterious voice, look! Our tomatoes are ready!

Just in time, too. Winter starts tomorrow and tomato juice will come in handy.

Man, winter doesn't waste any time around here, does it?

Riley: Ooh, it's snowing!

That's quite a skill, to see the weather when you're not looking out a window.

Riley: I'm going to make a snowman so much better than Rachel's...

Hey, there's no competition here...

Riley, are you about done?

Riley: No!

Ok, but hurry up. You're getting cold.

Ok, seriously Riley, you're about two seconds away from freezing.

Riley: How do you know?

I'm the mysterious voice. I know these things.

Ok, your snowman is done...and what an interesting design...

Have some hot chocolate and then you and Rachel can go back out and play.

Snow angel time!!

Riley: That's so cool!

Yes, it is. And I see Rachel's working on her own snowman. Why don't you go help her?

Ok...another interesting snowman.

Riley: Think fast!

Oh, boy. Snowball fight time!

Rachel: You can't get me!

Riley: Yes, I can!

Ok, ok. That's enough. It's Sunday, and you know what that means...


Rachel: But there's snow!

Riley: Thanks for helping me, can we go out and play?

Kayla, don't you think you should put on a coat?

Another snowman, Riley?

Oh, a family snowman. Um, Seth, do you see anything wrong with the decorations?

Seth: No...

Seth, you're outside in the snow in your pajamas? What kind of an example is this?

I guess it's time to put those tomatoes to good use!

Ok, my week with you guys is winding down...I'll see you girls next round.

Riley: I hope we get a snow day!

And I hope you two get some kind of therapy.