Thursday, December 6, 2007

Geller 2: Round 6

Last round, Grace and Noah Geller continued raising their brood of girls. Second-born Erika grew into a teen, and the twins Ella and Eryn grew to children, all on the same night. Grace enjoyed permanent platinum after achieving her lifetime want of becoming the town's mayor, and spent most of her time encouraging her younger girls. At the end of the week, Erika left for college as Noah and Grace prepared for a very important moment...

And it's here...the moment I've been dreading.

Ella: How could you be dreading it? Birthdays are happy!

Not always...I'm so not ready for this.

I can't believe you're an elder! It seems like just yesterday you were a little girl trying to support your mom by selling paintings!

And I guess Noah decided to become a Mortimer Goth impersonator.

Noah: Mortimer who?

Never mind.

Noah: So Grace gets a moving anecdote and I get a joke?

Oh,, and it seems like just yesterday you couldn't stay at home by yourself with your little sisters.

Hitting the books, girls?

Eryn: Yup! I love getting skill points!

You too, Ella?

Ella: No, this is so boring! But Mom says it's important.

The mysterious voice says so too.

Enjoying your golden years so far, Noah?

Noah: Sure am. And speaking of "golden", isn't it about time a certain lifetime want got fulfilled?

Oh, you are absolutely right!

Harmony's the only one who made it over?

Noah: Well, I invited Grace's mom, but I guess she doesn't like me enough to come over. And Erika's coming over too.

I see. Well, it's the fact you had the party that counts.

Wait, I thought this was your parents' anniversary party.

Ella: It is...

Eryn: But we're growing up tonight too.

The last of the Geller girls to grow up...

Well, we'll have to fix the hair again, but overall very nice.

Eryn: Thanks!

So now the big question: What aspiration for you?

Eryn: Knowledge. Was there ever any doubt?

Not really.

And what about you, Ella?

Ella: I don't know...what did Eryn pick?

Knowledge, but I don't think that would be...

Ella: Fine, I guess I'll pick knowledge too.

Um...ok. If you say so.

Decided to go for an updo this time?

Eryn: I wanted my hair to be more different than Ella's this time.

I see.

And I see that Ella stayed closer to what she had...

Ella: I liked the way my hair was. I don't need to change it that much.

Oh, look. Addison came home from school with Ella. I'm glad you girls are becoming friends now, before the competition starts...

Ella: Competition?

Yes, you see, according to my calculations, the class of Round 6 will contain 12 girls and 5 boys. So that means that there will be 7 girls at the mercy of the gypsy.

Ella: I mean, I'm sure she'll pick us, right?

Addison: Sure...I mean, she got all emotional when I grew up.

Ella: And she seems to like twins.

Um, speaking of twins...

Ella: Oh, hi mysterious voice. We didn't know you were here.

I'm always here. And where's Eryn?

Having fun?

Eryn: No! How come Ella gets to make friends while I have to fix stuff?

Life isn't fair, dear.

At least you two seem to get along.

And elderhood doesn't seem to have taken the spark out of your marriage.

Your turn to fix stuff?

Ella: Yeah...this stuff breaks an awful lot.

I know.

Why are you doing your homework in Erika's old bedroom?

Ella: This is just where we put it.

Eryn: I don't really know why.

You guys spend more time in the bathroom...

Ella: Wow, I am really pretty!

Yes, Ella...

No, really! I didn't realize how cute I am! I'm sure to get one of the guys!

You sure look happy this morning.

Ella: And why wouldn't I be? I'm clearly the alpha sister.

Alpha sister? We'll see about that.

Grace: So there was this sign that said the road was curvy, but all the roads in this town are pin straight!

And I see the alpha sister has to clean the kitchen...

Ella: I know! It's so not fair!

I really don't think you were meant to be a knowledge Sim.

Oh, what's this? Another new friend?

Ella: Yeah, he followed me home. So Ricky, you...think you're a wizard?

Ricky: A level 10 wizard, actually. Do you want me to show you...

Ricky, that's really very ok.

So have you girls given any thought to the big question?

Eryn: I thought that was what aspiration we wanted.

No, the other big question.

We still have to choose who's moving back here after college. You girls are the youngest.

Ella: Well, who do you think should stay?

I really don't know. You girls are so alike in so many ways. But, I think Ella would be a better choice.

Ella: What? You think I can't start a house on my own?

No...but when you were born you only had 1 nice point. Eryn had 3. It's more important that your mom be here to encourage your kids should they inherit that.

Ella: I only had 1 nice point? Impossible.

Not really...

Breaking out the thinking cap?

Eryn: My skill points are so behind Ella's! I need all the help I can get.

That's true, you do seem to be lagging behind. I don't see why, you've both spent the same amount of time skilling.

So are you ok with being the heiress to the house?

Ella: Sure, why wouldn't I be?

Well, you do realize that this means you cannot marry any young man who happens to be the youngest of his family. That knocks 2 out of the 5 boys out of the running for you.

Ella: What?

Well, on that note I think we should start wrapping this week up.

Grace: Good luck, honey...

Eryn: Thanks, Mom. I promise I'll come visit!

Have fun at college, girls! See you at graduation!

A Message From The Mysterious Voice: Normally I don't care what aspiration Sims roll into, but Ella was just NOT supposed to be a knowledge Sim. All of her wants, even as a kid, were to make friends. She never wanted to earn a skill point, unlike Eryn who rolled up that want every day even as a child. Oh well, that's just how the challenge goes.