Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Larson 3: Round 6

Last round, Caydance and Roger Larson were delighted when Caydance became pregnant with their second child. Three days later, Caydance gave birth to a baby boy named Cody. Unfortunately, Roger had a mishap at the office and lost the family's entire savings. Not letting this get him down, Roger took the chance to leave the education field and become an adventurer. By the end of the week, the family was starting to get back on their feet. Meanwhile, big sister Courtney grew from a toddler to a child.

Hey, Courtney. I see things are looking up for you guys.

Courtney: Yup! We're doing great!

Glad to see you and Cody get along.

Courtney: Mom told me to kiss him so she could get a picture. We all have cameras now and she thinks its the coolest thing...

Oh, that's right! Misty the cat has finally returned to her rightful owner.

Hey, you two. Any plans for baby number 3?

Roger: Actually, no.


Caydance: We have one of each. Our family is perfect just the way it is.

I guess so.

But judging by your attire you and Roger are still keeping yourselves...occupied.

Courtney: All right! My first A+!

Great job!

So, still no plans for a third child?

Caydance: What the? We were so careful!

That's risky woo-hoo for you.

Caydance: At least I have my kitty back to keep me company while I'm at home.

Although, I don't think Misty's going to be around for much longer.

Hmm...I don't believe I've seen you around before.

Courtney: There's so many new kids at school! This is Michelle.

Oh, well hi Michelle. You're certainly better looking than most townie kids.

Happy birthday dear Courtney...

Well, we'll have to change the hair. And I don't know about the kimono...but otherwise you're a very beautiful young lady.

Courtney: Thanks! And I picked my aspiration!

What is it?

Courtney: Romance!

....are you sure?

Courtney: Yup!

Really really sure?

Courtney: Yes.

(sigh) Alright, it had to happen eventually I guess. You're the first one of those around here, you know.

Courtney: Yeah, I know.

Oh, I guess it's Cody's birthday too...

Hey, where'd he go?

Roger: Poor little guy was so tired, he went right to bed.

Caydance: Speaking of being tired, I could really use some time to myself before the baby's born.

And I know the perfect way for you to get it, Caydance!

Roger: Yes, I'd like to book a vacation...that's right...three days, two nights, please. Um, I guess we can leave right now...

What better way to give Caydance some time to herself than to take the kids out of the house for three days?

So where are you guys going?

Courtney: Dad said he wanted the trip to be educational. So we're going to the Far East, so we can learn about other cultures.

Educational. Uh-huh.

What do you think of your hotel?

Roger: This place is nice! Are you sure this is only the mid-level resort?

Believe me, with your financial history you're not going to be splurging too much on this trip.

And they're not in the Far East 5 minutes before Courtney spots a boy.

Courtney: So...where are you from?

Roger: Hi, I'd like to take my kids on a tour.

Oh, that should further the educational purpose of this trip.

Yup, nothing like getting a rash to teach you about other cultures.

Roger: Ok, so maybe the tour wasn't such a good idea.

Hey, look! A ninja!

Making new friend, Roger?

Roger: Yes, ma'am. This game is pretty fun, too. I think maybe we'll get a table when we get home, for the kids.

This from the man who was down to his last $5 last week.

And Courtney fulfills her role of the teenage girl by shopping up a storm.

Courtney: Did you know I can buy jewelery now?

Courtney, I don't think you should be spending...

Courtney: It's not all for me. I got some stuff for Mom, and I got some baby stuff in case the new baby's a girl.

Meeting the ninja?

Courtney: What do you mean wisdom isn't more important?

I guess that didn't go too well.

What a nice family shot. Are you guys having a good time on your trip?

Roger: This is such a nice spot. After the baby's born and grow up a bit, we'll have to bring the whole family back here.

Another tour?

Roger: This one will go better, I promise.

Well, now we're back at home and it looks like Courtney's found herself another man.

Courtney: What? He came home from school with me.

Uh-huh. And do you kiss everyone who comes home from school with you?

Courtney: Um...

I see Roger and Cody are being more productive.

Roger: Just write about our trip. You can write about the tours we went on...

And how your father ended up with a rash...

Caydance: I think it's time!

Oh, boy. Let's see if that jewelery Courtney bought will go to good use!


Caydance: It's a girl! Meet Caryn!

Interesting spelling, but I guess you have to keep the theme going somehow.

So you're really done now?

Caydance: Well, I think so, but that's what we said after Cody was born so I guess you never know.

Cody: All right!

I guess that essay about your trip came out pretty well.

Cody: Dad, check it out! I got an A+!

Roger: Great job, son!

All right! One down!

Caydance: I feel so relieved!


Courtney: Hey, I'm a romance Sim!

Why do I feel like I'm going to be hearing that phrase from you a lot in the future?

Happy birthday dear Caryn...

Well, a trip to the mirror is certainly in order.

That's better.

Caydance: That's foot...

In front of the other...

Caydance: Can you not sing? We're trying to focus here.

Spoken like a true knowledge Sim.

(sighs) Courtney...

Courtney: What? I'm not even that attracted to him.

And that makes kissing him ok?

Finishing the job, Roger?

Roger: Caydance doesn't need the want filled anymore. I do.

That's true.

Moving on to potty training?

Roger: Yeah, Caydance is outside. I think she's digging for treasure...

Oh, my...

Caydance: What do I do now?

Well, filling up the hole would be a good start.

Hmm...let's use the virus.

Looks like that was the right choice!

Roger: Can you say "ninja"?

Ninja? Still a bit preoccupied with your trip, aren't you?

Roger: We had such a good time!

Bonding with Misty?

Cody: Yeah. She's really old, though.

Well, she's been around since your mom was your age.

Cody: No way!


Well, that's quite a way to end the week.

Roger: Can we go on another vacation now?

Maybe next week. We've got to wait for Caryn to grow up first.

Roger: (sighs) Ok. Bye, mysterious voice!

Bye, Larsons!

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: So Bon Voyage for Macs was delivered to my house on Christmas Eve! I was actually kind of sad that Roger spun up a want to go to the Far East, because I wanted to see the beach first. But the new picture feature is probably the coolest thing ever. There are snapshots all over the Larson house now. And I finally bit the bullet and allowed Courtney to become a romance Sim. It only took me 5 and a half rounds to be able to do it. Thankfully, her LTW is to become a Celebrity Chef, so that's not so bad.