Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Greene 5: Round 6

Last round, Riley Greene found herself in a bit of a domestic crisis. Although she loved her husband Conner, she was frustrated at his lack of attention towards her and their daughter Jasmine as Conner continued to lavish his attention on his younger brother, Corey, who grew from a child to a teenager. The void in Jasmine's life was filled by her grandfather, Ethan, who delighted in taking care of his grandchild while his wife Marisa avoided any family responsibility she could. However, Riley wasn't as happy with her position being taken away. When the couple had a second daughter, Ariel, Conner's behavior didn't change. With Corey now out of the house, will Conner finally realize where is real place is in the family? Only one way to find out...

Well, not much seems to have changed so far.

Jasmine: I love you, Grandpa!

Ethan: I love you too, honey.

Jasmine: Grandpa! Did you hear about the vacations? They're here!

Ethan: I did hear about those. Maybe we'll go on one soon.

Conner: Isn't Dad great? It's like having a babysitter 24/7. We barely have to lift a finger when it comes to the girls.

Um, Conner? I think that is what your wife was so unhappy about last week.

And Marisa is playing the drums in the rain. Shouldn't you go inside before you get hit by lightning?

Marisa: Leave me alone. I'll do what I want.

Suit yourself.

Riley: And then the littlest llama said...

A before-school story?

Riley: Shh...Ethan's still asleep.

Riley: I'm getting some quality time with my girls if it kills me. That's right, Ariel! It goes in there!

I'm trying to talk some sense into your husband, but he doesn't seem to be the listening type.

Riley: Tell me about it.

Hey, you actually get to participate in a birthday!

Riley: I know, it's been a good day.

What a beautiful young lady you are.

Ariel: Really?

Yes. You're actually growing into that nose quite well. I think the girls pull it off better than the boys do.

What are you doing, Riley?

Riley: I'm booking us a vacation. Just Conner, me, and the girls.

Leaving the grandparents at home? How'd you get Conner to agree to that one?

Riley; I told him they had to stay behind for work. I actually didn't even ask them.

That mean streak's coming out...

Riley: So for this trip, Grandma and Grandpa have to stay home. It will be just me and Daddy with our two big girls.

Jasmine: I'm going to miss Grandpa.

Sorry, Jasmine, but Captain Hero doesn't get a vacation.

Conner: That's very strange. There has to be at least 5 or 6 Captain Hero's in town. You think that one of them could substitute...

Hey, I think I hear the van outside!

Riley: I can't believe it worked! We're finally away from Conner's parents. Just our family for three days...

Riley, I don't think the bellhop wants to hear your life story.

How are you liking your hotel, girls?

Jasmine: It's really cool. Me and Ariel have our own room and everything!

Riley: That is awesome! I think I want to learn how to do that.

Ok, but don't set yourself on fire.

Jasmine: Owww!

Oh, you're fine. And what are you doing in that outfit on the beach? Go get your swimsuit on, girl!

That's much better.

Ariel: We're building a sandcastle!

So I see. I'll come back when it's done.

Conner: Huh...odd way of saying "hello".

I think it's kind of cool.

Jasmine: It's done!

Very nice, girls. Nicer than anything I ever built as a kid.

Conner: Goodnight, Ariel...

I think Conner is starting to catch on to the purpose of this trip.

I see you girls discovered the ocean.

Ariel: It's a lot different than our pool.

I guess this Ariel isn't that good at making friends with marine life.

Ariel: Huh?

Never mind.

So where are you guys today?

Jasmine: We're exploring a pirate ship!

Riley: Very educational. We're pulling the girls out of school so I figured I should try to fit some learning in here.

Yeah, fencing with a dummy. That's real educational. I hope that sword is plastic!

Conner: Uh-oh...I think I sat in the sun too long.

Yeah, I think that might be the cue to wrap this vacation up.

Well the trip sure seems to have done wonders for your marriage.

And for Conner's parenting skills.'s Nanny Smackdown time again!

What could you possibly be crying about?

Marisa: Didn't you see her slap me?

Um, no. I saw you slap her.

Marisa: Oh...well, Riley didn't let me or Ethan go on the trip. That's why I'm crying, then.

Time for another birthday!

I don't know why you girls keep losing your hairstyles. But you are certainly growing into that nose.

Jasmine: Thanks.

So, have you picked your aspiration yet?

Jasmine: I think I'd like fortune.

Alright. Taking after your grandma, I see.

Let's go with the rabbit reminds me of Reader Rabbit.

Good choice.

Ariel: I got an A+!

Wow, I guess that vacation was educational after all.

Ariel: Dad, check it out!

Conner: Wow, great job Ariel!

Yup, I'd say the vacation did the trick.

What? Being honest wasn't the right answer? What kind of game show was this...oh, wait....

Oh, no...(covers head)...wait, she actually did it?

Oh, great. Here comes the bringer of lousy dates.

Jasmine: Well, I don't know any other way to find a boyfriend.

Fine, let's see what she brings.

Hey, he's actually kind of cute.

Jasmine: His name is Juan.

Juan and Jasmine...I'm sensing the potential here.

Jasmine: You're pretty cute...

And you two seem to get along.

Well, I guess I'll go with giant robot but given Riley's luck...

Or never mind.

Oh, no. The nanny's back and she's looking evil.

First kiss! That seals the deal! You two are an established couple. Congratulations.

Ariel! Are you outside picking the oranges in the middle of a thunderstorm?

Ariel: Well, nobody else was doing it and Mommy always says the oranges won't be as good if you leave them on the tree for too long.

They'll be fine until the storm is over. Go back inside!

Yeah, I think it's time for me to be on my way now. I'd say goodbye but it looks like they're all pretty least they're doing it together, right?

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: Well, Ethan and Marisa have defied my expectations once again by living through the week. I'm pretty sure they're going to die early in the next round, though. It should be interesting to see what that does to Conner...