Thursday, December 20, 2007

Greene 3: Round 6

Last round, the Greene family welcomed Holly, the family dog as a gift from Melody's older sister Destiny. Melody and her husband Carter continued to raise their children, eldest son Jim who became a teen and prepared for college, and daughter Pam who grew to a child. Melody soon became pregnant again and gave birth to the couple's third child, a boy named Dwight. Carter reached the top of the business career while Melody hit a roadblock in the education career thanks to a chance card. The week ended with Melody showing signs of yet another pregnancy as Jim left for college. 

As I was saying...

Melody: Can't talk...bathroom!

Yup, I'd say baby number 4 is on the way.

Aww, look at Pam being all studious. 

Pam: What's that mean?

Well I guess you still have some more work to do.

Melody: You're going to have a little brother or sister...

Or maybe one of each. You never know in this town.

Another double birthday. Hold on, I'll try to get my camera in a good spot...

Very nice, but we'll have to change your hair...and your outfit.

Pam: Um...ok.

So what aspiration would you like?

Pam: Knowledge.

I should have known.

And Dwight grew into a very cute little boy as well. 

Dwight: Thanks.

There, that's much better. 

Pam: Yeah, I missed my old hair.

Christina: So did she tell you yet?

Pam: Tell me what?

Christina: About how there's not going to be enough guys to go around.

Pam: What?

Don't worry, there will be enough guys. I just can't make the same kind of quality assurance I normally do.

Oh, dear. Quick, into bed Carter before you infect everyone else.

Melody: We have to do this kind of fast, honey. I have to get outside and work in the garden.

Melody, it's the kid's first homework assignment. Do you really think you should be rushing it?

Melody: Oh, hold on a minute honey. I think we need to take a break.

The baby's being born in the greenhouse. Of course.

Well, at least we know there's only one kid.


Melody: We're even! We've got another girl!

Great, what's her name?

Melody: Angela.

Melody: Mommy has to go to work now...

Already? She was just born!

Melody: Yes, at 7:56 in the morning. It's now 8:00 and I have to go to work. Don't worry, we hired a nanny.

Oh, no. Why would I worry? Just because the nanny is holding garbage over the baby's head on the floor.

Way to go! I guess that makes up for last week, huh?

Are you talking to the tomatoes?

Pam: I have to do damage control. When Angela was born we had to stop tending them and they went downhill.

Pam: Dad, don't hold the baby in here! It smells like garbage.

I think Pam's the only one in the house with any sense.

Carter: Now look, you two have to go to college and graduate. It's my lifelong dream to have 3 kids graduate from college.

Carter, this town has a 100% college graduation rate. I don't think you have to worry.

Enjoying the new baby?

Carter: She's adorable, but I do worry that we're getting too old to have a child this little.

Too old? What are you talking about?

Well, there's the first sign of Holly in the house this week. I was starting to think the dog's run away. 

Ok, let me get this straight. The nanny changed the baby in the air instead of on the changing table, then put the baby on the floor right next to the dirty diaper...

And then went to play piano. Nice work, nanny.

Pam: Why do I have to mop the sidewalk?

I was asking myself that same question. 

Dwight: Alright, my first A+!

Glad to see rushing through that homework assignment didn't hurt your performance.

And Pam is the first person to pick Angela up off the ground. What am I going to do without you next week?

Pam: Without me? I'll still be here-just in a different house. I'm not dying.

I know, but you won't be here to help with the kids. And that nanny certainly isn't helping.

Such a typical teenage girl.

Happy first birthday Angela!

Very cute, but I think a new hairstyle is in order.

Carter: Hold on, I think potty training is more important.

Right you are.

Melody: I can't believe I'm a mother of four children.

Well, your sister is a mother of five. Actually, two of them are.

Melody: That's true.

Nice choice on the new hairstyle.

Melody: Come on, honey...say something. Anything.

Angela: No!

Hey, it works for me.

Melody: I feel so bad putting her to bed with the smart milk. I feel like I'm wasting it.

Well, what's worse? It going to waste in her crib or on the floor?

Melody: Good point.

Aww, look. It's Dwangela.

Dwight: Dwangela?

Yeah, you know, it's like...never mind.

At least the baby pays attention to the dog. 

Carter: That's foot in front of the other...

Hey, and it's actually the right season for my song! And soon you'll be walking 'cross the floor...

Carter: Huh?

Never mind.

Oh, sure. When the dog stinks, everybody notices her.

Melody: Hey! We have three kids at home. Forgive us for not doting on the dog.

And I see Dwight has taken his rightful place in the family garden.

Dwight: I wish I could plant beets.

And taking after his namesake, apparently.

Carter: It's super-baby!

How cute.

She is such a sweetie. She'll make a wonderful heiress for the house.

Way to go, Pam!

Pam: Thanks. It's still not as much as some people got, though.

Carter: I'm so proud of all your scholarships, honey.

Pam: Thanks, Dad.


Pam: Um...I don't think so.

Come on, Pam. We're trying to encourage him to be nice.

Very cute. Just please don't hit his head on the counter. I don't need any injuries. 

Carter: Um...have there ever been any injuries in this town? Ever?

Come to think of it, no...

Dwight! You're not helping the broken shower by jumping in the puddle.

What? I thought things were going better for you this week.

Melody: They were. But I needed to switch tracks soon to get my lifetime want.

Which is?

Oh, for the love of...

Melody: It's strange, I know. But if I don't switch before I become an elder it will never happen.

Some Mommy/daughter time?

Melody: Well, one of them anyway. Pam's got other plans today.

Really? Like what?

Not the gypsy again...

Pam: Well I have to find a boyfriend somehow! And seeing as how one of the few guys in town is my cousin I have less of a chance.

Oh, Alon the paper boy. I actually approve of this one.

Pam: You do?

Yeah. Call it a hunch, but I think he will grow up quite nicely.

Plus, you two seem to get along.

Really, really get along. 

Pam: Alon can come to college with me, right?

Well, I don't know. You two do seem made for each other...but you're not quite best friends yet. It would be against the rules.

Pam: But we have so much chemistry! And we're really really close to being best friends! Please!

Alright. I will grant a mysterious voice waiver for this one romance, but only because the girl to boy ratio in this town is so screwed up this round. Alon can go with you to college.

Pam: Yes!

Oh, no...this cannot be happening already. It just can't. 

The first of the native-born citizens to become elders, ladies and gentlemen. 

And it's Angela's birthday too, apparently. This is a lot of cake.

And Tranquility Acre's first-born citizen becomes an elder. How do you feel?

Carter: Ok, I guess. I wish I didn't have such ugly pajamas, though.

So do I.

And now my little pink princess...

Melody: Mysterious voice, I'm an elder.

I don't care. You're still my pink princess, and Harmony is still my blue princess.

Melody: You never told us when we picked those dresses as kids that they would be our identities for life.

And Angela is very cute as well. Sorry for not being as happy as I normally am. Watching your parents age was very hard.

Angela: That's ok.

And there's our little heiress in her big-girl bed. And that brings us to the end of another week with the Greenes. See you in round 7!

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: Wow, I really wasn't ready for Melody and Carter to age. It's one thing watching a Sim you made as an adult grow into an elder, but watching one you raised from a baby...that's pretty intense. Also, I know that townie/NPC teens are supposed to be best  friends before going to college, but Pam and Alon were a 3-bolt couple and their lifetime relationship was already in the 40's after 2 dates. They were close enough. Plus, I've used Alon in other neighborhoods and he does grow up quite well.