Friday, December 14, 2007

Leonard 3: Round 6

Last round, Logan and Julia Leonard were treated to a double surprise. With their first daughter Kristin out on her own, their focus turned to their younger two girls, Jennifer and Megan. Jennifer grew into a teenager while Megan became a child and got a jump on her skill-building. Meanwhile, Logan finally achieved his lifetime want of reaching the top of the athletic career. Julia, however, became yet another victim of risky WooHoo and got pregnant for a fourth time. Three days later, she gave birth to not one but two additional children, a fourth daughter named Helen and the family's only boy, Martin.

Logan: I don't see how we let this happen. Now the twins are just toddlers and we're already...

Julia: I know, I don't know how we're going to be able to keep up with them.

What are you two talking about?

Oh, I see. It's that birthday for you guys too, huh?

Now it's Julia's turn...

What is with you two and aging in your underwear?

Julia: Well, Logan and I were...satisfying a want right before the party and...

Ok, sorry I asked.

Oh, good. Megan's making a friend. Let's hope it lasts once they're fighting over the short supply of guys.

Megan: Huh?

Never mind...

Looks like Julia and Logan won't be chasing toddlers for much longer...

Well, the only boy of the family sure is a handsome young man.

Martin: Thanks!

And Helen is a spitting image of her sisters...well, two of them anyway.

Helen: Thanks!

Oh, and I guess it's a triple birthday!

Not crazy about the fashion, but overall I approve. So what aspiration would you like?

Megan: Fortune!

Oh, haven't seen that one creep up in a while...

And let the homework help begin!

Logan: It would be so much easier to do this inside...

Martin: Mom, what's the capital of Ohio?

Julia: Um, mysterious voice?

Don't look at me, I don't know.

Martin: Some all-knowing voice.

Glad to see you bonding with the little ones, Megan.

Megan: Well, I am the head babysitter around here now.

Oh, that's right! You guys have a dog, too.

Logan: A smelly dog. This house smells terrible.

Got yourself a new hobby?

Megan: My skills are really high-I'm all set for college. I've got to do something.

I guess so.

Nice job, Logan.

Martin: Yeah! My first A+!

See? And you didn't even have to know the capital of Ohio.

Helen: Mine, too!

And you did it studying in the dark...

Never too old for a game of red-hands, huh?

Megan: Making toys is not as fun as it sounds.

Megan: Good doggy...

Taking a break from toy making?

Megan: Yeah, I'm trying to make some friends.

Oh, hi Mason. Um, Megan, I hope you know that you and Mason can't become more than friends. He's got a girlfriend in Eryn Geller.

Megan: I know.

Ok, good. Don't want any catfights in my town.

Megan: But...we have a dog.

Never mind.

Look, the kids brought home friends too. Martin, you better not be doing what I think you're doing...

Mimi: Hey!

Not a good way to win over the ladies, Martin.

Man, Megan sure is popular.

Megan: So you have a brother, right?

Oh. Megan...

Glad to see you still make time to spend with your sister and brother.

Oh, there's Julia. I was starting to worry that we lost the parents already.

Julia: Nope, we're still here. We just get lost among all these kids.

Well, at least they're helpful kids. Helen's cleaning the shower without me having to tell her to.

Martin, on the other hand...

Martin: I can fly!

No you can't! Get down from there.

Glad to see Megan's toys are going to good use.

Whoa, you ok there Helen?

Helen: Yeah! I'm just doing somersaults!

Awesome. I could never do those.

Megan: Um...I don't think this is right.

Nope, but keep practicing.

See? You'll get it. You thinking of opening up a toy store after college?

Megan: Maybe, but first I want to become the Chief of Staff.


Martin: Wanna hear me burp the alphabet?

You know, something tells me it's about time to wrap this week up. I've got to get over to Destiny and Ben's house and check in with all those dogs. But you keep working on that, Martin.

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: I think we have Tranquility Acres first toymaker in Megan. It was originally just a way for her to earn money to keep her aspiration score up, but she's already up to a silver badge. Gotta love the fall.