Monday, December 17, 2007

Leonard 4: Round 6

Last time, Ben Leonard continued to chase his lifetime want of raising 20 puppies or kittens. The house's first litter of puppies, Brian and Holly, grew to adults and were promptly given away to various relatives. Soon the canine matriarch of the family, Sparkle, gave birth to a second litter, Sprinkles and Garbage who were also quickly given to Destiny and Ben's many siblings after growing into adult dogs. On the human side of things, Stewie grew into a teenager and prepared for college, little Christina grew into a child, and thanks to risky WooHoo Destiny gave birth to a fourth child, another girl named Lois.

And it's birthday time yet again, I see.

And Ben carries his horrible fashion sense into his elder years...

Ben: Hey! I'm an old man. Leave me alone.

You've been an old man for two minutes.

Destiny's turn...

Well, it's not as bad as your husband.

Destiny: Thanks...I think.

Lois: Mama!

No, sweetie. Mommy has to go to work today.

I see you two still have some work to do in the toddler teaching department.

Destiny: Well, of course we do. She became a toddler the night before we became elders.


Destiny: I thought I would be done with this by now...

Yeah, so did I. But that's risky WooHoo for you.

By the way, nice makeover job on Lois.

Whoa, we've got a jailbreak here!

And I see it's Dad who finishes up the potty training.

Ben: Destiny's still at work. She should be home any minute.

Yeah, with a nice chunk of change to boot. Nice going, Destiny.

Destiny: Hi, honey!

Lois: Mama!

She really misses her mother when she goes to work. It's so sweet.

Oh, there's Christina. Haven't seen much of you yet.

Christina: I've been at school.

Christina: Hi, Mommy!

Um,'re kind of standing in...oh, never mind. I don't want to interrupt the moment.

Glad to see the kids being social.

Yup, here comes litter number 3. I wish she'd have more than two at a time.

Atta girl, Sparkle. You can do it...

So? What did we get this time?

Ben: One boy, Wesley, and one girl, Buttercup.

Well at least I can tell these two apart.

And now it's time for another birthday!

Not bad at all.

Christina: Thanks!

So what aspiration are you choosing?

Christina: Um...fortune, I guess.


Poor thing, I guess the birthday just wore her out.

Ben: Come on, boy. Just one more...

Again? Poor Sparkle...

Don't get too attached, Lois. These puppies don't stay around too long.

Aww, would you look at that? Wesley actually looks like his mama.

Since when did it become your job to pay the bills?

Christina: Since Mom and Dad forgot to do it.

I see. I guess with 4 dogs and a toddler still in the house, you're bound to forget some things.

Christina: Oh, so your brother has a girlfriend already?

Man, everybody makes friends with Doreene just to get to Joel.

Finally! I thought this birthday would never come.

You and me both.

Wow, she actually kept her hairstyle. That hasn't been happening lately.

Ben: So when are these vacation things supposed to be coming?

Destiny: I think they're coming soon...

Guys, they'll come when they come. That's all I can tell you.

Destiny: Well, there are still other ways of occupying our time...

Ok, I'm out of here!

Lois: Hi, Rusty! I'm home!

How was the first day of school?

Lois: Ok, but it was soooo boring!

Lois: Dad, will you play red-hands with me?

Ben: Sure, honey.

Lois: Christina, can you help with my homework? Dad's busy with the dogs.

Christina: Um...sure, I guess.

Lois: What's 7 times 4?

Christina: Don't you have a calculator?

I see Christina's a girl after my own heart.

Destiny: These dogs are stinking up the house!

I know, but it's your husband's lifelong wish.

A new friend for's it going, Ella?

Ella: That Addison down the street stole another one of the guys.

What, is the alpha twin starting to get worried?

Wow, you sure seem to like Wesley. Duly noted.

Ella: Huh?

You'll see...

A litter of one? You know, when I expressed my unhappiness with the litters of two this is not what I had in mind.

I think this is going to be Sparkle's last litter.

And we've got a...

Ben: Boy. We're naming him Porkchop.

And he looks just like Buttercup. Great...

Lois: Mysterious voice?


Lois: All of these shows are old.

I know. It's because of the writer's strike.

Lois: The what?

All the writers are on strike so they can't make any new shows.

Lois: But you write stuff. Shouldn't you be on strike?

Mysterious voices don't go on strike, Lois.

Christina: So about these vacation things...

Well, the release date must be getting closer because you guys are talking about it more than ever.

Aww, what a nice Christmas card shot...

Lois: Christmas what?

Never mind. By the way, nice new hairstyle, Christina.

And it looks like litter number 3 has finally grown up. And thankfully they're easy to tell apart.

Gotta keep those bowls full..

Christina: Yeah, or else they'll fight over the ones that are.

Can't have that.

And it looks like Wesley is the first to go. Who's the lucky recipient?

Ella. Well, I should have known.

Christina: Aren't you supposed to be the all-knowing voice?

You know what, I don't think any of the teenage girls in this town are in a position to get snippy with me.

And would you look at that? Lois is cleaning the bathroom without being told. The Leonards produce very neat children.

Well, that brings us to the end of the week. And counting Rusty we're now up to...8 puppies raised. We're almost halfway there. I think Ben might actually get his wish.

A Message from the Mysterious Voice: If I didn't know better, I'd swear my Sims are psychic. Before I got Seasons, all they talked about was snow and rain. Now with the Mac version of Bon Voyage coming out this month, all they talk about are suitcases and airplanes. It's like they know there's something out there they don't have.