Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Leonard 4: Round 4

When we last left the fourth branch of the Leonard family, they were adjusting to life with two little boys when their younger son Stewie grew to a toddler. Meanwhile, older son Peter excelled in school and bonded with the family dog, Rusty. Despite his lack of fashion sense, Ben continued to advance in his career as did his wife Destiny.

Peter: Good dog...good boy!

Peter, it's the middle of the night in the middle of winter. You shouldn't be outside.

Peter: It's not that cold.

Tell that to your blue-skinned neighbors...

Still wearing the Grandpa shorts Ben?

Ben: Stop making fun of my outfit!

Have you looked at your outfit lately?

Destiny: Whoa...nice ride.

Yup, those promotions come with definate perks.

What is this? A nanny actually caring for the child instead of setting herself on fire? I must document this occasion.

Nanny: Oh, shut up.

Ben: Sure, you hug the kid...I'll clean up the mess.

No need to be bitter, Ben.

Birthday time!

What a big boy!

Destiny: And we've got a special surprise for him!


A new dog?

Ben: Yup! Meet Sparkle!

Stewie: Hi, girl!

Do you like your new dog?

Stewie: Yeah!

She seems to be a well-behaved dog.

Ok, I can see where this is going...I'm out of here.

Who didn't see this one coming?

Destiny: Ughh!

Ok, this cannot be appropriate for Stewie to watch...

Destiny: What? It's the facts of life!

Hey, no attacking the mailman...

Hi, Peter! I haven't seen you around much this week!

Glad to see you're making friends, even if they are improperly dressed!

Another birthday!!!

Wow, someone actually grew up into a decent outfit in this town! Glad to see you don't take after your dad.

Peter: Thanks, I guess.

What asperation would you like?

Peter: Pleasure!


You know, I think it's time you guys invested in some desks...

Ben: Why? They just put their homework on the ground anyway.

What am I doing? I can't convince this guy to invest in pants.

Ben: Hey!

And number three is officially on its way!

Destiny: I sure hope we're ready...

Destiny: Shouldn't this be over?

Yeah, I thought once you started showing the morning sickness was supposed to end.

Ben: You just stay here and rest. I'll make sure the boys get to school.

Such a devoted husband.

Sparkle: That chili looks so good...Maybe when no one's looking...

Hold it, Sparkle. The mysterious voice is always looking.

Bonding with your cousin, I see.

Peter: Cousin?

Yeah...your dads are brothers. And, come to think of it, your moms are sisters too. You're doubley related.

Peter: Oh...ok.

I don't even want to know.

Nothing like good old family fun...

Kristin: Can't we have family fun inside? I'm so cold.

You're the one who wore a tank top.

Guess what, Stewie?

Stewie: What?

It's a snow day!

Stewie: Yes!!!

I guess you already heard about the snow day...

Sparkle, why are you lying right in front of the door? You're blocking the snow day fun...

Oh, puppies! One boy and one girl. That look...exactly alike.

Stewie: Now we have 4 doggies!

Well, for now at least.

Um, I don't believe they're paying you to play with the puppies, Nanny!

Now time for the second birth of the week...

And we've got a little...come on, fill in the blanks here...

Destiny: It's a girl! Meet little Christina.

And good luck to her sleeping in that crib. I almost need sunglasses looking at it.

Peter: I know. But it's kind of cute.

And I see the puppies are getting along just fine.

Stewie: Yes!!! An A+!

New babies seem to bring good luck to you kids at school.

Wow, already feeling up to a piano lesson?

Destiny: ...and please keep the fingers nice and high as you possibly can. Don't get faster, dear.

Starting the love search?

Peter: Yup.

Um, I don't think so. I don't even know this girl's name.

Peter: Could you be a little more descreet, mysterious voice? She's right here!

I'd just feel better if you went with a girl that I know better. Or know at all.

Wow, that was fast.

She's adorable, but I'm not crazy about the outfit.

That's better. And more seasonally appropriate.

Ben: Come to Daddy, honey!!!

Unless, you know, those shorts repulse you so much...

Well, unfortunately our week together is up. So I'm going to head on out. Peter, it's now time for college! Everyone else, I'll see you next round.