Thursday, September 20, 2007

Larson 3: Round 4

Now it's time to begin the seemingly endless string of new homes in Tranquility Acres. Let's see...where should we start? Seeing as how the Larson twins were born first, I guess it only makes sense to start with them.

Hi, guys! All settled in?

Caydance: Yup! Now we're going to have our wedding!

Oh, a real wedding! We haven't had one of those in awhile.

Caydance: Hi, Carter...

Carter: Um...that's ok. We're not that close.

Well this is certainly going well.

Yeah, I think jumping to the actual ceremony would be a good idea. Love the lemon-yellow dress, Caydance.

Say, where's the rest of the guests?

Of course...Hey guys, your sister is getting married outside.

Carter: Ugh! We're going. Leave us alone.

At least Caydance's twin was outside to see it.

Ethan: I'm so proud of you, honey.

Say Ethan, how's Marisa doing with little Corey?

Ethan: She's still not doing well. I'm beginning to get worried.

I knew there was a reason to not have a TV...

And what would a wedding be without some pillowfights?

Roger: She's so cute when she's whacking people!

Did we party a bit too much on the honeymoon?

Caydance: I think so...

At least your husband's making breakfast...

Or setting the kitchen on fire.

Roger: Erm...what do I do now?

Did they really not teach you guys any fire saftey in school? You see more fires in an average week than I've seen in my entire life!

Oh, so I guess it wasn't over-partying that made you sick.

Caydance: Nope.

Those oranges look good.

Caydance: Uh-oh...I think it's time!

That was fast. So, boy or girl?

Caydance: We've got a little girl!

I think we've hit another girl spurt.

So what's her name going to be?

Caydance: Hmm...I guess we'll name her Courtney.


Awww, Courtney's first bath!

Roger: I'm afraid of changing a diaper, so this was a good alternative.

Hey, whatever keeps you happy.

And I see the nanny's doing another bangup job...

Roger: Happy birthday, dear Courtney,

Hey! I taught you a song!

Roger: No you didn't.


Even with all of the confetti I can still see that she's adorable!

Smart man, Roger. Right to the potty.

Roger: That's foot in front of the other...

I'll resist the urge to sing.

Roger: Um, thanks, I guess.

Caydance: Come on, honey. Just talk and then you can be done!

No one ever said you had to teach her everything in one day.

Roger: Have you heard about these new vacation things?

Caydance: Yeah, they sound great! I can't wait...

Well, you're gonna have to. You guys won't be able to go on vacation for about...oh, let's see...probably another three months now.

Caydance: But why?

Welcome to the joys of living in a Mac.

Roger: But...we live in a house.

Never mind.

Caydance: Goodnight, sweetheart!

What a lovely way to wrap up the week...

Roger: It's really ok, was just a little fire. No big deal. No, I did not burn the house down. Mom...

Ok, that's a nice way too. Now let's move on to your brother Mark. See you next round!