Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Greene 5: Round 4

Well, I've made a slight change of plans. Instead of going to Mark Larson, we're going to go to Conner Greene's new home instead.

Or, to be more exact, Conner Greene's new lawn...Say, what's Ethan doing here?

Conner: I think I'm going to have him, Mom, and Corey move in with me and Riley. Mom's still a little off...

Well, ok. Looks like you've got an instant family. You'd better start building a house...

Or catching butterflys. I'll just get started building the house then.

Conner: With this ring, I thee wed...

You're having the wedding in the foyer?

Conner: Why have the party? The whole family pretty much lives here and there's just too much going on.

Glad to see that Corey made the move ok.

Ethan: I really hope that us moving here helps...

And Misty the cat came along too, I see. I thought she was Caydance's.

Ethan: Yeah, she was. If Caydance ever comes over, we may give Misty to her. But for now, she'll stay here.

So Riley, how are you liking your instant family?

Riley: Well, they're all great people and Corey is so cute.


Riley: Well, I was kind of hoping that Conner and I could start our lives, not just merge into his parents' lives. Plus, I don't get to see my family as much because Conner always says there's too many people here already.

Don't worry. Once Corey grows up I'm sure it will get less hectic.

Oh, there's Marisa. I was starting to wonder if you'd come at all.

Marisa: So what's all this talk about going on vacations?

Not for 3 more months at least, guys!

Well, I'm glad to see that Conner and Riley still get some time to spend together...I'll just be going now.

Hey, Marisa, it's Corey's birthday...

Marisa: So? I'm on the phone here.


At least somebody cares about the tyke's birthday.

Well, he does look happy.

Corey: Where's Mommy?

That's a good question...

Um, I think Marisa is about to go from bad to worse...

Marisa: It's about time you got us a bar!

Yeah, I'm definatly going to delete looks nice with the dining room set but for this family, it's not a good idea.

What'cha doing, Conner?

Conner: Playing with Misty.

Shouldn't you be spending time with your new wife?

Conner: Why?

Oh, I don't know...

Corey, please tell me you didn't go to school dressed like that!

Corey: Why not?

Conner, why are you doing the study session?

Conner: Dad was tired and Mom is...well, Mom.

Don't you think you should be helping out your pregnant wife?

Conner: Riley's pregnant?

Um, yeah. Riley's pregnant.

Riley: What's up with my hair?

I don't just changed when you changed your clothes.

That's better.

Ethan: I'm so excited to have another grandchild!

Well, shouldn't you still be focusing on the child you have left to raise?

Although Conner seems to be doing that for you...something doesn't seem right here.

Riley: Come on, come on!!!

I guess you've got nothing else to do on maternity leave, right?

Another birthday...and I have to say not a moment too soon.

So Marisa, how does it feel to be an elder?

Marisa: Great! Finally I can retire-with Conner and Riley here I don't have to sorry about supporting Corey!

But you're Corey's mother...oh, never mind.

At least Corey seems to be doing well.

Corey: Riley! I got an A+!

Corey, you know that Riley and Conner aren't your parents, right?

Corey: Yeah, of course.

That's good. Because sometimes I forget.

Man, Erika's going to be beating them off with a stick! I think she's met every little boy in town!

Riley: Oh, not right now! I'm outside!

I know what you mean...this is terrible lighting!

Well, I can't really see it but the baby's here!

Riley: It's a girl!

Great! Another girl! What's her name?

Riley: Jasmine.

Really? I thought you would name her Elphaba.

Riley: name is Jasmine.

Hmm, I wonder why I thought her name was Elphaba...excuse me while I fix the rest of these pictures...

Doesn't it feel good to have your family started, Conner?

Conner: Well, my family's already been started with my parents and Corey here, but Jasmine's a welcome addition.

Corey: Shake, girl!

I've never heard of teaching a cat to shake...

How's motherhood treating you, Riley?

Riley: Great! Jasmine's such a good baby.

Meet your new niece, Corey!

Corey: Niece?

Yeah, you're an uncle now.

And now Marisa is hanging out with the nanny. No good can come from this.

Somehow I don't think that cat is ever going back to Caydance.

Corey: She's grown up now. She can get her own cat.

And yet another birthday...

And the legacy of Marisa's nose continues...but she's still adorable.

Shouldn't Riley or Conner be doing this?

Ethan: Riley's at work and Conner's hanging out with Corey.

Again, something doesn't seem right.

Ethan: Gotta make the most of that smart milk!

I don't think Riley will be too happy about this when she gets home.

Hey, what's he doing here? There's no snow!

You're teaching her about aliens?

Corey: Sure, why not?

Well, she seems happy enough. I wish I could say the same for her mother...or her grandma. Something tells me that the drama is just beginning here.