Monday, September 10, 2007

Leonard 3: Round 4

Last round, Julia and Ben Leonard decided to expand their family by adopting a second daughter, Jennifer. Although Jennifer looked quite different from her older sister Kristin, she was a welcome addition to the family. Meanwhile, Logan continued to advance in buisness.

Every time!!! I swear, they must sense when I'm coming!

Oh, a new friend there, Kristin?

Kristin: Yeah, this is Alexander.

Hmm...he might be a bit too young...

Kristin: Too young for what?

Never mind.

Oh, it's birthday time!

Wow, she actually is growing into her features quite nicely.

Jennifer: Thanks, I think.

Ok, who didn't see this coming?

Julia: I hope we can handle this, our other girls are such handfuls...

Yeah, I can see that...

Another birthday!

Well that's certainly a...colorful outfit.

Kristin: Thanks!

So, now here's the big choice. What asperation would you like?

Kristin: Pleasure.

Oh, taking after Mommy, are we?

Don't you think it's a bit absurd to be having a study session outside in the snow?

Logan: What? This is where she left it.

Homework is portable, you know.

Another new friend?

Kristin: Yup. Is Maureen going to college with me?

Yes, she is. In fact, there's a whole bunch of you guys going.

Baby time! And what a better place to give birth than by a clogged toilet?

Julia: It's a girl!

Great! What's her name?

Julia: Hmm...I think we'll call her Megan.

Jennifer: I got an A+!

Wow, a first A+ and a baby sister in one day!

Jennifer: Hey, it's snowing!

Wow, this has to be the best day ever!

Is Megan all settled in?

Julia: Shh...she's sleeping.

Oh, sorry.

And hand off to the head babysitter...

Julia: Ok, the nanny should be here soon, I'll be home at 5!

Super-mom, extrodinare!

Shouldn't you be inside watching your sisters?

Kristin: I leave for college in less than a week. I need to find a boyfriend.

Oh, Adrien Richardson. The mysterious voice approves this match.

Guys, I'm glad this is going well but please get out of the rain!

Wow, everybody gets a birthday this week.

Wow, she's cute and she has a decent hairstyle.

And Adrien even stays to bond with the little sister. How sweet.

Ladies and gentlemen, let the teahng begin!

Have you been at this all night, Logan?

Logan: Well, you have to do it while she's awake.

Wait...what about Adrien? You two seemed to hit it off...

Kristin: We did. But I want to at least try dating some other guys before we get too serious.

Sounds smart. Who is this?

Kristin: Umm...David, I think?

And he sits and plays video games while you study. Wow, what a date.

Kristin: I know, I know.

Kristin, are you sure you should be doing that?

Kristin: I spent all of yesterday studying mechanical skills to get ready for this. I'm sick of the sparks and smoke.

Ok, why is there a cop car outside?

You guys got a puppy?

Logan: A little surprise for Jennifer and Megan, since Kristin's leaving.


Julia: I hope she's old enough for this...

I think she'll be just fine.

Jennifer: Good doggy!

And now Jennifer's making a new friend.

Norbert: I can't wait until I grow up!

I can't either. But, unfortunately, we'll have to wait until next round. Enjoy your puppy!