Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Larson 4: Round 4

We're blazing our way through all these new houses here in Tranquility Acres! Next up is the new homestead of Mark Larson...

Really, Mark? Really?

Mark: Hey, it's just what I grew into! But I kind of like it.

Well at least you and Kristin can be fashion disasters together.

Mark: I wouldn't go that far...

Oh, boy. Guests in suits and pillow fights can only mean one thing...

It's wedding time!!!

Audience: Yay!!!

My, that's a very...interesting formal dress, Olivia.

And now that the ceremony's over...back to the pillow fights!

And back to

Kristin: I forgot to look for a job this morning.

No time for that's honeymoon time!!!

Glad to see everything went well. I'll be making my graceful exit now.

Getting a green thumb, are we?

Kristin: I don't start work until tomorrow. I need something to do.


Kristin: I guess I'll be home for awhile then...


Mark: She's so exhausted between being pregnant and working in the garden all day.

Kristin: This garden sure is big...

But it's paying off! I do believe that's a gold badge.

Enough garden work! It's baby time!!!


Kristin: It's a girl!

Man, somebody better start having some boys around here...what's her name?

Kristin: Elphaba.

Oh, so that's where it came from...

Kristin: What?

Never mind.

Kristin: Don't worry, the sun will come back...

Shouldn't you be inside with your baby?

Did you sleep out here?

Kristin: No...

At least one parent is taking care of little Elphaba...

And an adorable little baby she is.

Kristin still out in the garden?

Mark: Yup.

I never thought she'd turn into a garden-obsessed parent.

What a sweetie...

And once again Mark takes the lions' share of the work...

Mark: Don't worry, sweetie. I'm sure your mommy will come out of the greenhouse soon.

But unfortunatly, we're going to have to wait to find out! It's the end of the week. Enjoy your beautiful little girl and I'll see you next round.