Monday, September 17, 2007

Greene 4: Round 4

Last round, Harmony Geller and Carson Greene became an instant family when Harmony invited her parents, Sam and Chloe, to move in with them after their wedding. Chloe retired from her career of medicine and concentrated on realizing her lifelong dream to max out all of her skills. Meanwhile, Carson and Harmony started their own careers while Sam retained his position of judge. Harmony soon became pregnant and gave birth to a son, Steven, who grew to a toddler at the end of the week.


Harmony: I know, I know. I'm wearing pink.

Acually, I was going to say how cute you two look in your pink and blue pajamas, but come to think of it-why are you wearing pink?

Interesting way of avoiding my question...I'll be going now.

Uh-huh...everything's proceeding according to schedule here.

Chloe: Whew! I did it!

Carson: Did what?

Chloe: Maxed all my skills...

Carson: Oh, great. What's for dinner?

I'm happy for you, Chloe.

And now that Grandma's got some free time she can bond with Steven...ok, apparently bond a lot with Steven.

Chloe: Hey, I'm retired, all my skills are maxed and I've acheived my lifelong dream. Leave me alone.

Good point.

Yup, right on time.

Harmony: Do I really have to stay home from work? I'm up for a promotion!

Don't worry, you'll still be up for a promotion after the baby is born.

Carson: Whee!!!

Sam: I can't believe my daughter married you...

More bonding, you two?

Chloe: I only had girls. This is a new experience for me.

That is true...

Happy birthday, dear Steven...

Harmony: Oh, great. She's singing again.

Hey, now I can actually kind of see his face!!!

Harmony: Maybe we won't have to change his hair...

Well I never said that...

Have a good first day at school, Steven! Meanwhile, everybody else is at home today.

Moving right along...

Chloe: Come on in the kitchen, dear. I'll make you a snack.

Is that cheesecake?

Chloe: Yes. I've heard it's a great snack to have while you're pregnant.

(Hits head against wall)

How was the first day?

Steven: Ok, I guess. I don't know about this whole homework thing, though.

It will be easier after the first time.

Baby time! Let's see if that cheesecake had any effect...

Harmony: We've got a girl!

Great! Now you've got one of each!

Harmony: Hold that thought...

Looks like the cheesecake did its job.

Harmony: Make that a girl and a boy.

Honestly, it probably would have happened anyway. Your mother is a twin. You're a twin. Carson is a twin. It's in your blood. Anyway, what are the names?

Harmony: Well we're going to name the boy John, but I'm not sure about the girl.

How about Jenna?

Harmony: Jenna?

You know, like the person who should have won the Emmy...

Harmony: What's an Emmy?

Never mind.

Aww, and she has your eyes!

Good thing you've got so much help!

Harmony: Don't I know it!

Bonding with the new baby boy?

Chloe: This is such a nice change from being in medicine.

What a big happy family. Glad to see Steven's not too jealous.

I have been watching you people for two and a half years, and this is the first time I've seen someone fall asleep in a chair. I guess baby care is more tiring than you thought.

Steven: Yess! I got an A+!

See? I told you that homework would get easier.

Steven: My grandma maxed out all her skills. Did yours?

Stewie: I don't know...

You have the same grandma, boys. You're cousins!

Happy birthday babies!

Carson: At least she's not singing this time.

Hey! I don't need your sass!

Well he's certainly ready for the baby banquet...

I'm not crazy about either of the outfits, but both twins are adorable.

Chloe: Come on, Johnny...come to Grandma!

Breaking out the smart milk early, I see...

This is when it pays off to have your folks move in, huh?

Harmony: Exactly.

Look, it's a learn to walk party!

Harmony: I'm so glad my mom retired when she did.

Moving on to talking, I see.

Harmony: Just with Jenna for now. Mom finally had to go to bed. We'll teach John in the morning.

And there's the new big brother...oh, I guess I'll let him sleep.

Ok, the older son's passed out on the couch and the dad's playing in the bathtub. Something's a little mixed up here.

Now it's Grandpa's turn for some bonding...

Wow, she looks so much like her mom...

Sam: She sure does. That's why I'm not worried about her nose. Her mom grew into it, she will too.

Sure, that's not inappropriate to say while holding the child...

Well, as much as I hate to leave you guys mid-toddler training, I'm afraid it's Monday morning and the week is up. And do you guys know what that means?

Sam: That I'll be able to hear myself think again?

No! It means we've reached the Round 4 midpoint! I've got to get myself over to Sim State to do the graduation ceremony! See you next round!