Sunday, September 16, 2007

Greene 3: Round 4

Last round, Carter Greene and Melody (the pink princess) Geller began their lives together after finishing college. Melody quickly became pregnant while Carter worked at advancing in his career. The couple were soon blessed with a baby boy, who they named Jim, and by the end of the week Jim had grown into a rambunctious toddler.

Oh, boy! I can see this week is going to be exciting already!

Melody: Did you have to come in just now?

Hey, it could be worse. I could have come last night...

Yup...right on schedule.

Melody: I don't know how I'm going to do this...I think I need some help.

Please don't hire the nanny...she's more trouble than she's worth. You know that.

Oh, hi Harmony! I guess you're the help?

Harmony: Yup. Melody called me to come take care of Jim while she gets some rest.

At least he seems to like you...

Harmony: Yeah, we get along great.

Don't you have your own son at home, Harmony?

Harmony: Yeah, but our parents live with me. They're coming over tonight, though.

What's the occasion?

Oh, it's Jim's birthday! And Grandma Chloe came over and everything!

Well he sure looks happy...

Hey, look! Big sister Destiny came over too! It's a party!

And what kind of party would it be without smacking each other in the face with pillows?

Ha! Now I have no problems telling you two apart!

Melody: What do you want? A medal?

Ok, someone's getting to the cranky stage of their pregnancy...

I think it might be time to let the help go home.

Melody: Maybe it's that new factory...

What factory? What are you talking about?

Too bad Harmony had to go home. If she'd hung around a few more minutes...

Melody: Stop narrating my pain!

So? What's the verdict?

Melody: We've got a girl!

Great! And what's her name?

Melody: about Pam?

Jim and Pam...I really like those two names together.

Oh hi, Carter! I haven't really seen you around much this week.

Carter: Meet your new sister, Jim!

Jim: Hi, baby...

Melody: Um...I think the sky is broken again.

It's just snow, Melody.

Ok, an odd setting for making friends but whatever.

Another birthday!!! This one's not so crowded I see...

Very cute. The mysterious voice approves.

Melody: Um...ok.

Not wasting any time there, are we?

Melody: She's fully awake right now-it's not like I can put her to bed.


She looks just like you, Melody.

Melody: Well, there's some of Carter in there around the mouth.

Glad to see you still have time for your older one...

Taking over the teaching duties, Carter?

Carter: Yeah, Melody's having some quality time with Jim.

The last skill...

Carter: Not soon enough!

Jim: Mom, Stewie's family has 4 dogs! Can we get a dog? Please?

Carter: I don't know...

Let's put that on hold for next week, ok?

And would you look at that. Melody's back to wearing pink.

Melody: Well, Harmony still wears blue. It only makes sense that I still wear pink.

Makes my life easier.

How cute are you two? Hold on, I have to make a note in my mysterious voice records.

Jim: Um...I think we're cousins.

...That would be correct. Erika's father is your mom's half brother. Never mind...

Get out of the rain!

Jim: It's just water! Come on!

Well, that about wraps up this week! Now I've got to pop over and check in with Aunt Harmony and her family. We're approaching the midpoint of the round!