Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Greene 2: Round 4

Last time, Bryanna and Joshua Greene continued to work on achieving their lifetime goals, Joshua's of becoming celebrity chef and Bryanna's of maxing out all her skills, while raising their daughter, Mackenzie from a toddler to child. However, Bryanna's career was put on hold once again when she became pregnant with the couple's second child. Mackenzie's skills shot up faster than any child in town, while at night Bryanna's grandmother Ella returned in ghost form and tormented her family. At the end of the week, Bryanna gave birth to a son named Alexander, who grew to a toddler.

Hey, guys! Guess who's back...oh, sorry! I always pick the worst moments to make my appearances.

Meanwhile, Alexander is playing in the toilet. Great parenting here, guys. Really great.

Mackenzie: Guess what! I got an A+!!!

I think your father is a bit preoccupied with his cooking, dear. Why don't you reward yourself by playing in the snow...

Yikes! Not that much!

Mackenzie: I'm cold!

I don't doubt that.

Mackenzie:'s snowing!

Oh, no you don't. Not after yesterday!

And I'm getting another one of my mysterious voice visions of the future!

Bryanna: Ughh!

And once again it's time for a double birthday!

Alexander goes first...

Alexander: Check out my hands!

You know, this is getting a bit rediculous...

And next up is, you sure are pretty.

Mackenzie: Thanks!

Now which asperation would you like? (please pick knowledge, please pick knowledge...)

Mackenzie: What was that?


Mackenzie: Fortune.

Really? Alright.

Oh, boy! It's time to play follow the ghost again!!!

Ella's Ghost: Ooga Booga!!!

Bryanna: Ahhh!

Scare number one...

Ella's Ghost: Ooga Booga!!!

Alexander: Ahhh!

And on his first night in his new bed...

Ella's Ghost: Ooga Booga!

Mackenzie: Ahh!

Ok, I think you've gotten everyone now...

Bryanna: Oh, my...

Oh, boy. Excitement's coming!

Oh, look who's back! It's Mumble, the friendly neighborhood penguin!

Wow, Alexander is actually a cute little boy.

Alexander: Um...thanks, I think...

Ok, that's enough snowman time for you!

Alexander: But I'm not done yet!

Mackenzie: I hate homework...

Well if you had done it last night you wouldn't have so much now.

Here we go again...

How can someone who was so happy in life become such an angry ghost? I mean, I know her bed is gone but come on!

Alexander: Hi, Dad!

Alexander, go to bed! Great-Grandma Ella is probably going to wake you up at midnight anyway-you can't afford to lose any more sleep.

Bryanna: It's time!!!

Oh, boy!!

Bryanna: It's a boy!

Great! Things are starting to even out around here. What's his name?

Bryanna: Mason.

What a nice little family.

And I see that Mackenzie has accepted her new role as head babysitter...

Mackenzie: Hey, I'm leaving for college soon and my skills are almost all maxed out as it is. What else am I supposed to do?

That's true.

Bryanna: I did it!!!

You did what?

Bryanna: Maxed all my skills! I feel so happy!

And thankfully, now you're going to stay that way.

Another day, another birthday...

Aww...he looks just like his big brother. Actually, that might become a problem in the future...

Oh, my...actually, that's ok. Ella, I don't know if ghosts can still hear the mysterious voice, but scare the nanny all you want to!!! This actually seems like a good moment to wrap this week up. Mackenzie, gather up all your scholarship money-it's time for Sim State!!!