Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Graduation Ceremony: Class of Round 4

Ladies and gentlemen, as the official narrator of Tranquility Acres it is my pleasure to welcome you to the graduation ceremony for the Sim State University's class of round 4! This round's class set yet another record with the largest number of students ever to pass through in a single round. This round we had 17, count 'em 17, young adults. The names will be announced in alphabetical order, or at least something close to it.

Emma Geller

Caydance Greene

Conner Greene

Mackenzie Greene

Alexis Larson

Mark Larson

Maureen Larson

Roger Larson

Audrey Leonard

Kristin Leonard

Peter Leonard

Rachel Leonard

Riley Leonard

Christopher Macguire

Gregory Macguire

Adrien Richardson

Austin Richardson

I, being the all knowing narrator and all, had the pleasure of dropping in on the graduates as they made their preparations for the next phase of their lives, which of course included choosing who they wanted to spend their lives with.

Alexis and surprise here.

Same goes for Caydance and Roger.

I guess that ice skating date did the trick.

And I guess Adrien went looking elsewhere too. Too bad, he seemed like such a good match for Kristin.

Hmm, never would have put those two together.

Um...Emma, I think there's something you should know...

Or not. Gregory, what's up?

Gregory: I don't want to hurt her feelings...and I do like her.

This should be an interesting marriage.

These two might work out quite well, actually.

And finally, Maureen and Peter. If you didn't already notice, this leaves Audrey without a partner. That's what happens when you're in an odd-numbered graduating class and are mean to the mysterious voice.

I wish the graduates the best of luck as they start their own new families. Which, according to my mysterious voice calculations, there will now be 9 of. That concludes the graduation ceremony for the class of round 4. I need to lie down...