Friday, September 7, 2007

Macguire 2: Round 4

Last round, the Macguire family became the first in town to venture into buisness ownership when Tyler opened up a flower stand in the front yard, while still keeping his day job. Mia kept the stand stocked by arranging flowers while on maternity leave with the couple's third child. A third son, Norbert, was born in the middle of the week and soon grew to a toddler. At the end of the week, winter arrived and the family flower stand was being covered in snow.

Where do I begin...

Tyler: Mia, come on. I have to take a shower before I freeze.

Very sensitive, Tyler.

Christopher: Mom, mom, I got an A+!!!

Great job, Chris! Say, where's your brother?

Oh, Gregory's becoming a little ladies man, I see.

Gregory: Huh?

Never mind.

Look, Mumble's back and he's talking to a half-melted snowman!

Gregory: Hi, Mumble...

At least Mumble is a friendly penguin.

Oh, it's birthday time!

What a handsome young man...

Gregory: Thanks.

So, what asperation for you?

Gregory:, I guess.


Oh, there's the little one! Haven't seen him around.

Tyler: Where did you think he was?

Um...last week he was getting buried in the snow.

Gregory, I think it's about time...

Gregory: I'm not done yet! A few more minutes!

Whatever. They can't come take you away anymore.

Gregory: Look, I have to take a shower...I'm freezing!

You know, I don't like to say I told you so, but...

Birthday number two...

Ok, Mia...calm down. It's not like you haven't seen this before.


Number four is on the way! You guys just keep them coming, don't you?

Oh, we've opened up the flower stand, Mia, I think it might be illegal to keep your teenage clerk working in the snow until his skin is blue.

Mia: Oh, Randy's fine.

Oh, getting yourself a girlfriend, Gregory?

Gregory: Actually, I need to talk to you about that...

Randy? What are you doing back...oh, I get it.

Gregory: This is ok, right?

Sure. Why wouldn't it be?

Although you might need a bit of romantic advice...

Randy: Um...I don't think so.

Yeah, I think you need some more practice.

Oh, looks like we've got a new member of the family! I was so busy outside with Gregory I didn't even see her go into labor.

Mia: We've got a fourth boy!!!

Wow, I wish you the best of luck. What's this one's name?

Mia: Joel.

And I can see he has his Daddy's red hair as well. Now you've got two blondes and two redheads.

Mia: Now we have the four most beautiful boys in the world...

Tyler: Yeah.

Mia: I'd still really love to have a little girl, though.

Oh, boy. I can see where this is going.

Christopher: Wow, it's snowing!!!

Yes, that's what happens in the winter.

Bonding with your new brother, Gregory?

Gregory: It's better than working the flower stand in the snow.

And Norbert's expanding his social network. Very nice.

Mia: Ok, everyone. Let's get that homework done. Your father needs our help outside with the stand before he gets home.

I think Tyler may be getting a little too into this buisness.

Think that little girl may be on the way, Mia?

Mia: I sure hope so.

Birthday number three....

Wow...that's an interesting outfit. What asperation do you want?

Christopher: Hmmm...I don't know. Family, I guess. Everyone else here has that one.


Birthday number four this week...

And he's all dressed and ready for winter!

He doesn't seem to keen on learning to talk, does he?

Tyler: He'll get over it. They all do.

This house just keeps getting more and more chaotic...

Moving on to walking...

Mia: We need to get Joel ready to go before baby number 5 gets here.

Trying again, I see.

Gregory: Yup.

You realize that each try costs $5,000?

Gregory: And your point is?

Derek the paperboy....ok.

Gregory: Are you ok?

Well, at least he seems to be getting better.

And once again Gregory's dates have prevented me from seeing a birth.

Mia: We've got a girl!!! Meet Michelle!

Great! So you guys are done?

Mia: Yup. We've got our little girl. We're done.

Great. And what a better note to end the week on. I'll see Gregory and Christopher at college.