Sunday, September 30, 2007

Richardson 3: Round 4

The end of round 4 is fast approaching! Next up is a couple that I've been waiting to start since they were kids-Alexis Larson and Austin Richardson. Instead of moving into a brand new house, they're going to be moving into the home vacated by the founding Geller family.

How's it going, guys?

Austin: Great, but it's so cold out here!

No wedding for you, huh?

Alexis: We'll be married either way. It doesn't really matter. Plus, both of our families have other kids at home to worry about.

How's the at-home honeymoon?

Austin: Very nice, thank you.

Should I go?

Alexis: I think that would be best.

What's wrong, Lexi?

Alexis: Ugh...I don't think we cooked that fish all the way through...

Happy Holidays from Alexis and Austin!!

Alexis: Why are we standing by a giant fake tree?

Do I have to explain this to everyone? You guys need to start talking to each other.

Alexis: Um...mysterious voice? I think I saw a creepy old man outside. What's going on?

Trust me, there's no creepy old men. Now, go to bed. You're still not feeling well.

Austin: Man, I hope that food poisoning goes away...

I don't think she has food poisoning.

Look who's here!

Austin: What? Who's here?

Alexis: I told you I saw a creepy old man on the roof!

That's not a creepy old man, it's Santa!

Alexis: He broke into our house, and is now eating our food. I'd call that creepy.

See? I told you it wasn't food poisoning.

Alexis: I'm glad the creepy man finds this so funny.

Don't worry about that. Santa laughs at everything.

Well, now that Christmas is over I think it's time you guys experienced another holiday. It's time for New Years!

Austin: Whoo!!!

Do you even know what New Years is?

Austin: No, but we're having a party late at night. It seems cool so far.

Ok, Alexis, check this out. This is a creepy old man.

Austin: What's going on here? Is he dying?

I don't know...let's watch and see.

Well, he doesn't seem to be comfortable...

Alright. The creepy man just turned into a creepy baby.

Alexis: I'm not so sure about these holiday things.

Alexis: Do we have to take care of this baby now? I'm already pregnant...

Don't worry, just let him boogie and he'll go away. I hope.

Aww, the New Year's Eve midnight kiss!

Ok, well obviously you're not Austin...

Alexis: Could you have picked a worse moment to screw up?

What? Your names are really similar.

That's better. Now, boy or girl?

Alexis: We've got a baby girl!

Something isn't right here. We haven't had one baby boy since all of you went to college. Anyway, what's her name?

Alexis: Bethany.

What a way to start the new year, huh?

Austin: Yeah...what is a year, exactly?

(Hits head against wall)

How's Bethany doing?

Alexis: Great.

Put her down for a minute so I can get a close up...

Would you look at that! Bethany's a blonde!

Time sure does fly, huh?

Alexis: Especially when we're not having creepy old men visit us at night.

Um...are you sure she's a girl?

Alexis: Of course we're sure she's a girl!

Could have fooled me...

Austin: See? We changed her hair-she looks fine.

Ok. I got scared for a minute there. Now I've got to be moving on-we're getting closer!