Saturday, November 3, 2007

Greene 6:Round 5

It's time once again to begin the endless barrage of new houses. First up is going to be Alexander Greene and Erika Geller.

Oh, my...

Alexander: What?

Where to're wearing a tank top and riding pants, and Erika is bundled up for a blizzard in the middle of summer.

That's much better...but why are you playing with a cat?

Erika: Alexander had to go to work right away, and I'm bored waiting for the wedding.


Well, that's certainly a great way to start the week.

And of course, promotions mean you get sent home early from work.

Erika: All right, now that the arch is set up, let's get this wedding started!

I love your enthusiasm.

Awww...the twins came in matching dresses. You two may soon pass Melody and Harmony as the cutest twins in town.

It's a bold move to wear a green dress to your wedding, but I think Erika pulls it off pretty well.

Can you actually tell which is which?

Erika: They're my little sisters. Of course I can.

That's good, because I think I might need some help...

Oh, good. I was beginning to worry that the girls just came by themselves.

Grace: I think they're just happy to get a day off of school.

You know, for someone who claims to hate me you sure follow me an awful lot.

Audrey: Look, I came home from work with Alexander. If I knew you were here I wouldn't have come.


Alexander: So which sister is this?

Poor Alexander, you're not used to this confusion like they are in the Geller family.

Honeymoon time!

What a way to spend your wedding night...

Erika: What? Now that we're back from the honeymoon we're completely awake, full, and happy. What else is there to do?

Good point.

You've been out of college for two days and you've already maxed a skill.

Erika: Well, I had a head start at home.

Erika: Don't bother, honey...I think I'm going to need it again soon!

Somehow I get the feeling that I don't want to stick around to see this...

Well, no surprises here!

Erika: I can't wait until the baby's born. I've always wanted kids.

Well, it looks to me like you've already got one...

How do you guys keep putting your first kiss off until after you're married and having babies?

Erika: I don't know...we just never got around to it.

Nothing like eating by the glow of...insects.

Erika: Except having to clean out the jar when they die.

Looks like that baby's coming any day now!

Erika: I'm so excited!!!

I see you're letting the butterflies go?

Erika: I felt so bad when the fireflies died.

The moment is here!!!


Erika: We've got a baby boy!

Great! What's his name?

Erika: Aaron

I guess someone from your family had to have a boy sooner or later.

Erika: Dad will be so happy.

Wow, you've just set a new record, Alexander. You've been out of college for four days and have achieved your lifetime want. Good job!

Starting a garden?

Erika: Alexander needs a hobby.

Happy birthday dear Aaron...

I see he takes after his dad.

Erika: He has my skin, though.

Erika: Come on, Aaron..use the potty like a big boy.

Are you just doing all of the teaching?

Erika: It's not like it matters for Alexander since he achieved his lifetime want.

That's true.

Erika: Say "Mama"

Aaron: Mama!

Wow, and he's smart too!

And I see Alexander is taking to his new hobby well.

Alexander: This should keep me occupied...

Well, that about brings us to the end of the week. I'll see you all next round.

A Message From The Mysterious Voice: I have never had a Sim get their lifetime want this soon before. Alexander is going to be boring...