Thursday, November 1, 2007

Macguire 4: Round 5

Last round, Mackenzie Greene and Christopher Macguire established a comfortable home for themselves after returning from Sim State. Mackenzie immediately began to chase her dream of earning $100,000, and with her already-high skills had been promoted to a rock god by the end of the week. Of course Christopher, being a family sim, had other things on his mind. He immediately expanded the family by adopting a kitten named Taz, and later Mackenzie gave birth to their first child, Madeline. By the end of the week, Christopher had already achieved his goal of becoming education minister, with the help of his reward bookcase. Mackenzie also took up novel writing to supplement her income.

Hey, Mackenzie. I'm surprised to see you staying at home with Madeline.

Mackenzie: I have Mondays off anyway.

Mackenzie: Please just let this be the stomach flu...I don't want to miss more work!

I really don't think it's the stomach flu...

Mackenzie: Almost done with my second novel!

What are you writing? A book on potty training?

Mackenzie: Hey, it's what I know.

Meanwhile Madeline's playing in the cat food...

See? I told you it wasn't the stomach flu.

Mackenzie: I guess I'll have some more time to write.

Are you happy about the new baby, Christopher?

Christopher: I sure am. Now that I've achieved my life's goal of becoming education minister, my kids are my life. I just wish Mackenzie felt the same way.

And there's Taz...hey, I never noticed that the cat toy had a little bird!

I think you're hugging a little too hard, Madeline!

I can already tell that this one is going to break a lot of hearts.

Happy birthday dear Madeline...

You're such a pretty little girl!

Madeline: Thanks!

Christopher: Who's a good kitty?

Shouldn't you be paying attention to your pregnant wife?

Christopher: Why?

Oh, I don't know...

Mackenzie: I think it's time!!!

Mackenzie: It's a girl!

Great! What's her name?

Mackenzie: Eloise.

Ahh, very nice.

And I see everybody's excited about Eloise's arrival...

Madeline: Hi, Eloise!

What a morning for your first day of school, huh?

Madeline: Oh, yeah! I'd better go get on the bus!

So how does it feel to have two kids?

Mackenzie: I wish Christopher would pay more attention to timing. I missed almost all of my work days for the week. I mean, yeah I still got my paycheck but there's bonuses...

I think you two need to have a talk pretty soon.

More writing?

Mackenzie: Yup.

Well, I guess it makes your name theme appropriate.

Mackenzie: Huh?

Never mind.

Wow, a baby sister, first day of school, and a new friend in one day!

Make that two new friends!

Madeline: There's a lot more girls at my school than boys!

I know, and that's going to be a problem...

Taking a break from the novel?

Mackenzie: It's important she learns to study. I wouldn't have gotten promoted so fast if my mom hadn't started me young.

Hey, look who's back again!

Madeline: How am I supposed to finish building the snowman if he's talking to it?

Don't worry, it doesn't even have a face. He'll lose interest sooner or later.

Christopher: But Mackenzie, your job hours are at night. I'd feel better if you'd find a job during the day so you could be home with the girls at night...

Mackenzie: That's not going to happen. I got to the top of this job-I'm not leaving.

I'll just let you two work this out.

Glad to see you're more gentle with the cat than you used to be, Madeline.

Madeline: What are you talking about?

Never mind.

Madeline: Yes! I got an A+!

Great job!

Happy birthday dear Eloise...

Wow, she looks...exactly like Madeline.

Not wasting a moment, are you Christopher?

Christopher: She was about two seconds from needing a diaper change. The smart milk almost put her over the edge.

Now on to walking?

Christopher: Hey, this smart milk doesn't last forever.

Actually, I think your wife is evidence of the contrary.

Oh, look. Grandma Bryanna stopped by.

Madeline: She's not a grandma!

Yes, she is. She's actually your grandma.

Madeline: There's no way that lady's our grandma...she's not old enough.

Not yet, but just wait until I get back to her house.

Bryanna: Your mom looked just like Eloise when she was a baby.

Madeline: What about me?

Well, you're not a baby but she looked just like you when she was a kid.

Madeline: Is it true there's ghosts at your house?

Yes, Grandma's house is not a happy place in this town.

Mackenzie: Hi Mom. Glad you stopped by.

Bryanna: Well, I had to meet my granddaughters. Madeline didn't even know who I was.

You guys need to have more family get-togethers.

Christopher: Can you say bottle?

Eloise: Bottle!

Well, I see she's taking after her mom. But sadly, it's Monday and you guys know what that means...

Christopher: Mackenzie has to stay home from work?

Well, yes...but it also means I have to be on my way. See you all in round 6!

Christopher: Can you say "bye mysterious voice"?

Eloise: No.

You keep working on that.

A Message from the Mysterious Voice: Mackenzie is inching closer to her lifetime want! She got a chance card during the week about a stage dive, and I actually picked the right answer and got her $36,000. She hit the 65,000 mark with her next paycheck, and the novels helped. I guess it's appropriate that I gave their house the name theme of children's book characters, huh?