Monday, November 5, 2007

Greene 7: Round 5

Moving on with our parade of new houses, we now join Corey Greene and the newest citizen of Tranquility Acres, Amy Jones.

Hey, guys! Amy, it's great to have you join the neighborhood.

Amy: Thanks! It's so great not having to deliver papers anymore!

Time for the wedding! And look, even Marisa showed up.

Riley: We had to drag her.

I see Amy went for more traditional attire than most of the other women in town.

Audience: Yay!

Why do you people always stand in front of kids at weddings? Poor Jasmine can't see a thing!

And now the welcome wagon has arrived...

Harmony: This reminds me of my sister's wedding...

I see Harmony's doing a bit better since we last saw her.

Oh, and look who it is...little miss "I hate the mysterious voice."

Audrey: I do hate you!

Then why do you keep following me around?

Honeymoon time!!

Well, I can see that went well.

Amy: We're having a date.

You're having a your own the middle of the night...on your wedding night?

Amy: Corey wants to eventually have 50 dream dates. Right now, we're at 2. We've got a long way to go...

How does it feel to go from being the one who delivers the papers to the one who throws them out?

Amy: I never realized how few people actually read this thing. It's a little depressing.

Another date?

Amy: Yup.

I guess those dates come with side-effects, huh?

Amy: I guess so...

Working out?

Corey: I guess I went a bit overboard on the pancakes.

It's not your fault. You guys sit down to eat and your dream date ends and sends your hunger to the top.

Any day now, huh?

Amy: I hope we're ready...

Corey: Stupid toilet....

Hey, might want to join Amy in the bedroom.

Oh, never mind. I see we've got another bathroom birth.

So, boy or girl?

Amy: It's a boy! We're going to name him London!

Another boy. I guess the tables are turning now.

Corey: Yeah! You go, Amy!

Corey, never say that again.

Amy: Who's a pretty little baby? Who's a pretty little baby?

I guess you guys were ready, huh?

Umm...can we not make out in front of the baby, please?

Man, London's just the center of your universe now, isn't he?

Corey: It's not like we have much else to do.

Except fishing.

Corey: Well, I have to make sure the little guy has good food.

Ok, it's the middle of fall! What's Mumble doing here?

Um...did you just drop from the sky?

Amy: Yup! I can fly now! I got promoted to Captain Hero!

Wasn't that your lifetime want?

Amy: Yup! Um, why's there a penguin in my yard?

Don't ask.

Happy Birthday dear London...

Wow, he looks just like his dad!

Amy, you've been lying on the bed a lot...

Amy: I know, I haven't been feeling so great.

Well I guess that explains it.

Amy: Here we go again...

Amy, I think you'd better go to bed.

Amy: I know. I just wanted to help a bit with London.

Well, that brings us to the end of the week. How many dream dates are we up to now, Corey?

Corey: Seven!

Great. Let's see if next week you guys can keep it up with two little ones.

A Message From The Mysterious Voice: These new houses are extremely functional, to the point of being boring. Amy's promotion was only delayed until the end of the week because she got pregnant. But Amy's actually quite pretty-wouldn't have guessed that about her as a teen.