Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Richardson 4: Round 5

Our third new home in Tranquility Acres this round belongs to Elizabeth Richardson. As you may remember, Elizabeth was the odd girl out when it came to romantic couples in her graduating class, so she enlisted the help of the matchmaker, who found her a boyfriend in Jimmy Phoenix.

Elizabeth: With this ring, I thee wed...

What? You started the wedding without me?

Jimmy: I do...

So I guess you went for the living room wedding?

Elizabeth: We had no choice. We both start work this afternoon. No time for a party.

Man, I need to get the women of this town some new clothes. Those shirts and jeans are starting to become a uniform.

Elizabeth: .....

Are you ok?

I guess not...

Elizabeth: I hope I'm not getting sick...

I'd take that as a no.

Working out?

Jimmy: Can't get to the top of the sports career without body points!

Oh, so that's your lifelong dream...

Elizabeth: Hi, you must be Ed...

Escaping from Audrey, huh?

Jimmy: I'm so happy about this baby...

I'm so impressed that the gypsy found you. I think we're going to be relying on the college gypsy a lot more.

Great. The tree is on fire...

And Elizabeth's in labor. I don't know which to watch...

Elizabeth: How about the woman in extreme pain?

Right...I'll stay with you. That fire will put itself out.


Elizabeth: It's a boy!!!

Wow, this is the complete opposite of last round. What's his name?

Elizabeth: Colorodo.

I think that might be spelled wrong...

Elizabeth: I like it better that way.

How sweet...

Elizabeth: I can't wait until Jimmy gets home and can meet him.

Jimmy: I'm home, and promoted!

Great...and you also have a son.

Glad to see that you two are hands-on parents.

Elizabeth: You think I'm letting that nanny take care of him?

Good point.

Well, I think we can safely say that Colorodo takes after his mom...

Aren't you two cute in your matching sweatsuits.

The people in this town are so nice!

Well, most of them...

Happy birthday dear Colorodo...

Ok, he got his dad's hair...but everything else is all Elizabeth.

Colorodo: Dada!

Wow, and he's smart too!

Hi, cutie...

Elizabeth: So do you want to have more?

Why don't we wait until next week for that?

Jimmy: That's're doing it!

Glad to see that you're getting some one-on-one time with your son, too.

Elizabeth: Yup. We're waiting for the right moment...

Oh, that right moment.

Elizabeth: Yeah, great job Colorodo!

Don't act too excited there, Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: Maybe next week I'll get a new job...

Well, you keep thinking about that. It's Monday morning and I have to be moving on. See you guys next round.

Jimmy: Bye, mysterious voice!

A Message From the Mysterious Voice: I am so happy with Jimmy. He's a family sim, has a high nice score, and an achievable lifetime want. And yes, I actually did misspell Colorodo's name in the game. I only realized it once I typed it in Blogger. In case you didn't figure it out, it's supposed to be Colorado.