Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Greene 9: Round 5

The Greene family continues their slow takeover of the town as Steven Greene and Rebecca Leonard start out next new house.

And it looks like we're just in time for the wedding.

Audrey: I told you she'd be here.

Morgan: Audrey, please. It's your sister's wedding.

Yeah, the least you could do is let her yell at me.

That sky doesn't look promising...

Rebecca: Come on, Steven. Let's get away from her...

I wonder if I'll be able to fix your brother now that you're moved out.

Who are you calling?

Rebecca: I'm not telling you!


Rebecca: But if you must know, I'm chasing my lifelong dream.


By calling the cops?

Oh, you got a puppy.

Steven: His name's Wishbone.


So I'm assuming Rebecca's dream is to...

Steven: Raise 20 puppies or kittens.


Steven: I'm telling you, my dad got abducted by aliens!

Rebecca: Steven, there's no such thing...

Actually, he's right. His dad did get...

Rebecca: Oh, shut up.

Rebecca: One day you'll grow up, and then you'll be able to sic' that voice...

I highly doubt that. But it's nice to know that you're training your dog to hate me too. Nice hair, by the way.

Uh-oh...I think I know what's coming next!

Rebecca: You think you're so smart, don't you?

Way to go!

What did you max?

Steven: Cooking. I have a lot of time on my hands to study since Rebecca's got her hands full training Wishbone.

See? Told you I knew what was coming.

Rebecca: Shut up.

I'm sure you'll set a great example for that kid.

Another belated first kiss?

Rebecca: I bet it's your fault.

I'm just going to stop trying.

Way to go, Steven.

Another maxed skill?

Steven: It takes up my time. I've got cleaning maxed now.

I see.

Ah-ha! So you're the one who's been knocking over the trash cans!

Rebecca: Owwww!

Looks like it's baby time!

And it's a...

Rebecca: Girl. Her name is Canada.


And she's a blonde too! There's been a blonde spurt in this town recently.

Sure, leave the baby at the base of the stairs. Not only is the baby on the floor, now no one can use the stairs. Way to go, Nanny.

Rebecca: Remember, don't talk to her. She's bad!

Starting from the get-go, I see.

Hey, look! Wishbone grew up! And he looks just like Rusty at the Leonard's house.

Rebecca: What is the matter with you?

Well, you see that green gas she's giving off?

Rebecca: I wasn't asking for your help.

Sure, you were asking for the infant's help. Ok.

Happy birthday dear Canada...

Hmm, I can't decide who she looks like.

Steven: Well, she doesn't have my nose.

Steven: Say "bear"


Well, she's smart.

And I see that Mommy's taking over for walking.

Rebecca: Don't pay any attention to her, honey. Just come to Mommy...

Nice job on the makeover.

So any closing thoughts on your first week in your new home?

Steven: I hope having a child softens Rebecca up.

I do too, but judging how her sister's been doing, that's not likely.

Say goodbye, Canada!

Canada: Bye, voice!

That could very well be her last words to me.

A Message from the Mysterious Voice: This house taught me why I don't usually build on foundations. When Wishbone was a puppy, getting him housebroken was annoying! And of course, Canada inherited her mother's personality. Hopefully Steven can do some damage control when she becomes a child.

And now for the moment we've all been waiting for! It's the end of round 5!!! Stand by for the scorecard!