Sunday, November 11, 2007

Greene 8: Round 5

Moving on with our new houses, we now join Autumn Larson and Jim Greene at their new home.

Hi, guys!

Jim: Hey, mysterious voice!

How's it going?

Jim: Well, other than the wolf eating our chair...

Autumn: Well who let him in, Jim?

Isn't it about time for a wedding?

A night wedding, I see.

Autumn: Well, we both had to work during the day.

Nice outfit choice, Jim. Going for an Eastern feel?

Autumn: Come on, Jim! It's honeymoon time!

Back already?

Autumn: That was so much fun!

Wow, pregnancy and a new hairstyle.

Autumn: It was time for a change.

I guess so.

Jim: So did you hear about your sister becoming "The Law?"

Autumn: Yeah, it's crazy.

Autumn: Whoa...

It's any minute now!

Jimmy: Hey, your name is Jim? Me too!

Oh, this is going to get confusing.

Here we go again! Another bathroom birth.


Autumn: It's a boy!

Another boy...looks like the class of round 7 is going to be rather boy-heavy.

Autumn: Hang on a second...

Of course.

Autumn: We've got a girl too!

Great! What are their names?

Autumn: The boy's name is Kevin, and the girl's is Merideth.

Sticking with Jim's theme, I see.

Autumn: Awww...

It's ok. You tried.

Autumn:'s ok...don't cry, you'll wake up your sister...

Too late.

Jim: Thankfully we both have the day off.

Baby care is really getting to you, huh?

Jim: What do you mean?

You're talking to a plant about recycling.

Autumn: Oh, my...

Autumn, it's your infant son getting his diaper changed.

Happy birthday babies!

Autumn: Not a moment too soon!

Apparently the Larson girls pass on their blonde hair.

Wow, both twins got recessive hair. Don't see that every day.

Jim: Come on, come to Daddy...

Not wasting a moment, I see.

Merideth: Mama!

Autumn: Wow, good job honey!

Well, they're smart.

Autumn: Come on, onto walking now!

Man, you guys don't let up.

Jim: Say "Bear"

Kevin: No!!!!!

Once the smart milk wears off the attitude changes, I see.

Autumn: Stupid neighbors knocking over our garbage. Don't they know we've got toddlers to train?

Hey, it's Jim's uncle Corey!

Corey: I have an extra education bookcase-I thought you guys should have it for the twins. I want my great-nephew and niece to have a good start.

Well, that solves that problem. The education track hasn't come up all week.

A new hairstyle for Merideth, I see. And she's certainly her father's daughter.

And Kevin's got blue eyes. And look, he actually got gender-appropriate pajamas!

Last skill down!

Autumn: Jim, Kevin's done! Can you get Merideth now?

Jim: That's it, honey. Go potty like a big we can be done with this.

Nice motivational skills.

Jim: I just finished fixing the shower and now the sink breaks...

You know, I think this would be a good point for me to make my exit.

Jim: You're not going to help me clean the puddles?


Jim: (sigh) Alright, see you next week.

A Message From The Mysterious Voice: More twins. Just what this town needed. The end of round 5 is so close I can feel it!